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SoilFood™ Success at Organic Broadacre Farm

Paris Young

Businesses across Australia are being driven to find new innovative ways to become more sustainable, especially when in regards to food waste and its impact on our environment. Whether it is the Corporation’s Sustainability Manager, a city Councillor or local Farmer, organisations are dealing with varying volumes of food waste, and Eco Guardians are working with then to implement sustainable solutions into their operations. ..


Award Winning Technology

David Berry

Great to see our clients win awards for their efforts in Sustainability. It takes a serious commitment to innovation to introduce the segregation and recycling systems to make a measurable impact on your environmental footprint. One of the biggest challenges for large organisations is always organic waste and food waste in particular. It has become increasingly public as recently as the last five years that food waste in landfill creates serious harm. The scientists have landed on the methane created as it breaks down as being 25 times more harmful than the normal carbon dioxide emissions we have been monitoring for a long time. ..


National Food Waste Strategy

David Berry

Pleasing announcement from Josh Frydenberg Minister for the Environment and Energy. We look forward to seeing that develop and will continue our efforts to recycle into SoilFood™

Roundtable on food waste marks the beginning of halving Australia's food waste by 2030

Media release
11 April 2017


NSW Breakthrough

David Berry

We are very pleased to announce that we are receiving an exemption order from the NSW EPA for the deployment of soilfood™. After undertaking some rigorous testing across many of our clients locations we were able to demonstrate that the product is able to be deployed beyond the location it is being produced. The regulations are quite strict in this regard in NSW for good reasons. It would be a great shame if the valuable resources we are creating could not be returned to the earth so we have been working hard at getting this across the line.  ..


The Food Waste Recycling Revolution

David Berry

It was a privilege to be featured on The Business with the ABC this week. The story features the landmark installation we did for the City Of Melbourne which is now delivering significant benefits. We have of course many other clients happily recycling their food waste into rich organic fertiliser we call soilfood™. This is now also being granted an exemption order by the NSW EPA which will allow it to be deployed more widely than the clients own property. This aspect of our business is what excites us the most as through our work with the CSIRO and respected soil scientists we are aware of the benefits it has for our soil. Our organic growers have known for a long time of course what the benefits of avoiding too many chemical fertilisers is for the soil and the quality of their produce. ..

Our Vision
To be the leading provider of sustainable and economically viable solutions for businesses dealing with their environmental obligations.