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David Berry

Great to see our clients win awards for their efforts in Sustainability. It takes a serious commitment to innovation to introduce the segregation and recycling systems to make a measurable impact on your environmental footprint. One of the biggest challenges for large organisations is always organic waste and food waste in particular. It has become increasingly public as recently as the last five years that food waste in landfill creates serious harm. The scientists have landed on the methane created as it breaks down as being 25 times more harmful than the normal carbon dioxide emissions we have been monitoring for a long time.

Many overseas countries are taking measures to combat this by banning it which forces innovation and creates rather an opportunity to recycle the organics. This not only has environmental benefits but creates jobs and contributes to the economy. Our long held view is that the best form of recycling contributes to the circular economy which in the case of food waste means getting the material back to the land. This is particularly relevant in Australia where only 6% of the land is arable yet we have a rapidly growing population to feed and are beginning to export more and more to our neighbours in Asia.

So when we see a client like the City of Port Philip introduce organics recycling into their iconic South Melbourne Market and subsequently win awards it makes a great start to the day. Last night they won their second award - the Institute of Public Affairs Australia’s Victorian Environmental Sustainability Award, sponsored by Sustainability Victoria in Melbourne. Great article outlining their efforts here in Food Mag. In essence our contribution to the market is a gas heated Gaia rotary food waste dryer which recycles 8.4 tonnes of food and other waste per week into SoilFood™ an organic fertiliser, also sold at the market. Over a year, the weight recycled is equivalent to 20 Melbourne trams.

Find out how you can start making your own SoilFood™ here.

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