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From Paddock to Plate to Innovation with GaiaRecycle

Doug Wilson

As he prepares to address the ACTSmart Business Sustainability Expo in Canberra next month, EcoGuardians director Doug Wilson shares some of the major positives from the mobilisation of GaiaRecycle to tackle a difficult waste management issue in Melbourne. The virtuous circle created will surprise you! ..


Avoiding Kitchen Fires Spreading

David Berry

A kitchen fire can happen at any time and although a fire may begin on an appliance or in narrow ductwork, it can very quickly spread throughout an entire kitchen or even the building. The recent fire at iconic St Kilda restaurant The Stokehouse is a good example of this. Due to the nature of many styles of cooking we know that the risk of a kitchen cannot be eliminated entirely but the risk of it spreading to the entire building can.

Intense cooking heat, flammable oils, and built-up grease lining inaccessible ducts, all pose potential fire hazards to restaurants and business. Modern high temperature cooking oils, high-efficiency slow-cooling appliances and popular flame grilling methods have also combined to make fire risk more prevalent than ever before. 

Quite simply the biggest fire hazard in a restaurant is its kitchen. Whether a restaurant, hotel, club, fast-food outlet, school or hospital – all present the potential to be at risk of an unexpected kitchen fire. What many don't know is that the first line of defence to prevent fire spreading are the filters in the grease extraction systems. Whilst this is governed by Australian Standards many small business owners are unaware of these and have non compliant filters installed that will not prevent the spread of a fire. ..


Smart Business Sustainability Expo

David Berry
We have been invited to speak at this event following on from Waste Expo here in Melbourne. Head to their website if you are in the ACT and would like to come along. These events are great opportunities to learn about new technologies and meet like minded folks who are also passionate about recycling. ..

Waste Expo

David Berry

Waste Expo will be held on the 9-10 of October at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, Melbourne 2 Clarendon St, South Wharf 3006 and we will be there to showcase our product range and talk about some of the exciting projects we are involved in. We are on stand D17/D19 near the cafe so come and say hello. ..

Keeping Melbourne Laneways Beautiful

David Berry

If you like coffee, food and street art then you will be a fan of Melbournes iconic lane-ways and none better than Degraves. With narrow spaces and high occupancy for traders waste management and collection have long been a challenge. Nobody wants unsightly bins attracting flies and the like where they are eating and nor do we want large trucks collecting them with the attendant noise and diesel fumes day and night. ..

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