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Success at the Australian GP

David Berry

The environment doesn't readily come to mind when you think about motor sport events. If there is one event though that has this firmly on the agenda it is the season opener at Melbourne's picturesque Albert Park. One of the green lungs of the city it is rapidly transformed in the weeks before the event and most importantly restored quickly once the event is over. Ensuring the lake and surrounds are not damaged has been a mandate for a long time and the organisers do a brilliant job of it.

This year we have assisted in adding a new element to making the event a more sustainable one. In what we believe is a world first we have utilised one of our Gaia recycle systems to transform unavoidable waste from the corporate areas into a nutrient rich organic fertiliser we call Soil Food. The machine was placed on site so that this could be done at source and avoid the transport emissions. Fortunately our technology like the F1 cars themselves is class leading so that we are able to achieve this in 9 hours.

What happens to the Soil Food is the next obvious question. We at Eco Guardians prefer to see it used back in the soil food circle and so we have arranged to provide it to an olive grower who has been using it very successfully for some time. Now his olives will grow as fast as Ricciardo!

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