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Why you should consider a Grease Guardian in your commercial kitchen

Aaron Moynes

Business owners in the hospitality industry will understand how demanding and difficult it is to design and maintain a busy commercial kitchen. It’s not surprising that during the design stage, the focus is usually on how best to present and market the business to attract clientele. Fitting out the kitchen then becomes a running battle to minimise costs, and still keep hold of that original design without spoiling anyone’s dreams. ..


The Food Waste Recycling Revolution

David Berry

It was a privilege to be featured on The Business with the ABC this week. The story features the landmark installation we did for the City Of Melbourne which is now delivering significant benefits. We have of course many other clients happily recycling their food waste into rich organic fertiliser we call soilfood™. This is now also being granted an exemption order by the NSW EPA which will allow it to be deployed more widely than the clients own property. This aspect of our business is what excites us the most as through our work with the CSIRO and respected soil scientists we are aware of the benefits it has for our soil. Our organic growers have known for a long time of course what the benefits of avoiding too many chemical fertilisers is for the soil and the quality of their produce. ..


Come See us At AWRE

David Berry

Eco Guardian is proud to partner with the Australasian Waste & Recycling Expo (AWRE) for 2015.  12-13 August at the Melbourne Exhibition Convention Centre AWRE will host over 100 commercial suppliers and run a two-day seminar program, uncovering cost-effective solutions for business waste and recycling processes.  ..


Melbourne Awards Interview

Doug Wilson

The media packs are emerging from the recent Melbourne Awards including some video content. Here's a short clip of Doug Wilson's interview before the announcement of Eco Guardians' winning submission in the category - Contribution to Sustainability by a Corporation. ..


Melbourne Awards Announced

David Berry
We would like to congratulate all of the winners for this years awards. It is an honour to be amongst them especially when so much good work is being done in this great city. Being part of an Australian first and perhaps world first resource recovery facility right in the heart of Melbourne has been a challenging and exciting venture. The leadership the City of Melbourne has shown in establishing this facility is to be admired and we hope will inspire many others to follow suit and significantly reduce the food waste going to landfill. ..
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