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Award Winning Technology

David Berry

Great to see our clients win awards for their efforts in Sustainability. It takes a serious commitment to innovation to introduce the segregation and recycling systems to make a measurable impact on your environmental footprint. One of the biggest challenges for large organisations is always organic waste and food waste in particular. It has become increasingly public as recently as the last five years that food waste in landfill creates serious harm. The scientists have landed on the methane created as it breaks down as being 25 times more harmful than the normal carbon dioxide emissions we have been monitoring for a long time. ..


NSW Breakthrough

David Berry

We are very pleased to announce that we are receiving an exemption order from the NSW EPA for the deployment of soilfood™. After undertaking some rigorous testing across many of our clients locations we were able to demonstrate that the product is able to be deployed beyond the location it is being produced. The regulations are quite strict in this regard in NSW for good reasons. It would be a great shame if the valuable resources we are creating could not be returned to the earth so we have been working hard at getting this across the line.  ..


Success at the Australian GP

David Berry

The environment doesn't readily come to mind when you think about motor sport events. If there is one event though that has this firmly on the agenda it is the season opener at Melbourne's picturesque Albert Park. One of the green lungs of the city it is rapidly transformed in the weeks before the event and most importantly restored quickly once the event is over. Ensuring the lake and surrounds are not damaged has been a mandate for a long time and the organisers do a brilliant job of it. ..


Meeting the Challenge

David Berry

News of our Melbourne Award success prompted some good client feedback in the last week. In particular it was pleasing to hear very positive reports about the units we commissioned on Barrow Island earlier this year. This project was our most challenging to date which is not surprising given the overall scope of the Gorgon Project. It is also one of the most rewarding as we were able to deliver a cost effective solution to a complex waste management challenge given the location. ..


Melbourne Awards Announced

David Berry
We would like to congratulate all of the winners for this years awards. It is an honour to be amongst them especially when so much good work is being done in this great city. Being part of an Australian first and perhaps world first resource recovery facility right in the heart of Melbourne has been a challenging and exciting venture. The leadership the City of Melbourne has shown in establishing this facility is to be admired and we hope will inspire many others to follow suit and significantly reduce the food waste going to landfill. ..
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