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Recycling Organics at Major Events

David Berry

We will soon take part in diverting some of the organics from landfill at one of the premier events in Melbourne.  Exciting to be able to make a difference again the way we did at the President's Cup. If there is one thing Melbourne does well it is food and sporting events and the attendance for big events is always outstanding. That does mean of course the inevitable waste that is generated, however if we can divert this from becoming landfill but rather up-cycle it into an organic fertiliser we have achieved our goal. ..


Nice Mention From AWRE

David Berry

Eco Guardians’ enrich360 turning food waste to a nutrient-rich fertiliser ..


Come See us At AWRE

David Berry

Eco Guardian is proud to partner with the Australasian Waste & Recycling Expo (AWRE) for 2015.  12-13 August at the Melbourne Exhibition Convention Centre AWRE will host over 100 commercial suppliers and run a two-day seminar program, uncovering cost-effective solutions for business waste and recycling processes.  ..


Melbourne Awards Interview

Doug Wilson

The media packs are emerging from the recent Melbourne Awards including some video content. Here's a short clip of Doug Wilson's interview before the announcement of Eco Guardians' winning submission in the category - Contribution to Sustainability by a Corporation. ..


Meeting the Challenge

David Berry

News of our Melbourne Award success prompted some good client feedback in the last week. In particular it was pleasing to hear very positive reports about the units we commissioned on Barrow Island earlier this year. This project was our most challenging to date which is not surprising given the overall scope of the Gorgon Project. It is also one of the most rewarding as we were able to deliver a cost effective solution to a complex waste management challenge given the location. ..

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