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The Food Waste Recycling Revolution

David Berry

It was a privilege to be featured on The Business with the ABC this week. The story features the landmark installation we did for the City Of Melbourne which is now delivering significant benefits. We have of course many other clients happily recycling their food waste into rich organic fertiliser we call soilfood™. This is now also being granted an exemption order by the NSW EPA which will allow it to be deployed more widely than the clients own property. This aspect of our business is what excites us the most as through our work with the CSIRO and respected soil scientists we are aware of the benefits it has for our soil. Our organic growers have known for a long time of course what the benefits of avoiding too many chemical fertilisers is for the soil and the quality of their produce.

A lot of value is lost if we send food waste to landfill in addition to the impact it has on our environment. For that reason we prefer a solution that enables some of this value to be returned to the soil. Solutions that render this into dirty water or otherwise non renewable resources seem like a real pity. Where we have seen the soilfood™ deployed in a methodical fashion by an olive grower the results have been startling. So much so his neighbours are using it as well!. 

We are really looking forward to more examples like this where we are supporting the soil food circle and our farmers.

The story can be read online here.

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