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Eco Guardians Pty Ltd specialises in economically advantageous, sustainable solutions:
  • Removal of grease, oil and solid waste from wastewater.
  • Prevention of organic waste dumping in landfill.
  • Reductions in Greenhouse Gas emissions.
  • Conversion of food waste into a soil amendment or fuel.
  • Elimination of foul odours and vermin infestation from drains.
  • Management of odours from food preparation exhaust systems.
  • Reduction of fire risk in exhaust systems.
  • Control of odours in rest-rooms, rubbish areas.
  • Efficient, hygienic waste compaction.

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The definition of a pollutant*
gas, liquid or solid, dust, fumes, odour or smoke, an organism (alive or dead), heat, noise, radioactivity or light or a combination of any of the above.
There are laws, regulations and levies that impact on just about every kind of waste product or emission. Non-conformance is becoming increasingly costly for businesses.

Click on our “Solutions” and “Products” tabs to see how the Eco Guardians range can help you achieve your Sustainability Targets and stay on the right side of the regulations. 

We take our obligations to the environment seriously. Download our Eco Guardians Environment Policy below. 

Our Vision
To be the leading provider of sustainable and economically viable solutions for businesses dealing with their environmental obligations.