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Water Treatment

1. Separation and recovery of Fats, Oils and Grease from waste water 

Pollutants in commercial / industrial waste water cause major headaches for Water Authorities in their downstream water purifying plants. Businesses such as commercial kitchens, cafés and restaurants are required to install some form of waste water cleansing system at source and traditionally, this has been a static underground grease trap.However, these are less than ideal instruments as they need pumping out frequently, become less effective with time and are often the source of unpleasant odours. 

An alternative is the Grease Guardian - an above-ground active grease and oil interceptor that removes 97% of fats, oils and grease (FOGs) from waste water at source so that clean water passes downstream while the FOGs are collected in a container for easy recycling.

2. Screening of solid contaminants from waste water 

DrainProtectors can be fitted in sinks, floors and floor troughs to filter solids from the waste water ensuring that they do not pass downstream and putrefy in grease traps and sewer lines. Such devices are now a pre-requisite for Trade Waste licensing in a number of Water Authority areas.
"It is amazing that many food businesses still operate without treating their liquid trade waste. Thankfully, Water Authorities are cracking down on this and Eco Guardians is here to help with its proven solutions."

Products Used

Grease Guardian Left to Right
Grease Guardian D3 L-R
DrainProtector FT600 & FT1600
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