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One of the most exciting and innovative portfolios of products in the sustainability field aimed at reducing the polluting effects of all kinds of businesses.

Indoor Air Quality is a growing concern for everyone as urban living becomes more crowded and the boundaries of commercial and residential spaces become blurred.
It is a growing requirement among Water Authorities that commercial premises must install solids-screening devices with removable, perforated baskets and with secondary filters to prevent solid particles in wastewater escaping to drains.
Of all the methods of handling food waste, GaiaRecycle is unique as an on-site, odour-free process that produces two sterile reusable resources – water and biomass.

Grease Guardian is the world’s leading at-source automated grease recovery device. Grease Guardians are installed in some of the world’s most prestigious hotel groups, restaurants and fast food chains, sporting arenas, supermarkets and airports.
The Rocket Composters are designed to recycle food wastes from catering or food service on site.
The simple beauty of the Valpak cardboard baler is that cartons are thrown into the machine “whole” without any need for preparation.

Tests have shown that traditional baffle filters installed in extraction hoods are only 40% effective in filtering small grease particles from air. The same tests score Veritech at 93% effective.
Our Vision
To be the leading provider of sustainable and economically viable solutions for businesses dealing with their environmental obligations.