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Resources Industry 

Mining for minerals and other natural resources has transformed the Australian economy in recent decades. The industry faces complex technical challenges but it also has to contend with the fact that the resources being sought are often located in remote areas and even offshore. Exploiting these resources requires the mobilisation of hundreds, even thousands, of workers to the exploration areas, accommodating them in purpose-built villages where standards of care are paramount in softening the blow of being away from family and home for weeks at a time. Often, the locations themselves require protection even though they are remote. Protecting native animal and plant species is a legislated requirement and the resource industry companies all employ numerous environmental specialists.

Food Waste Management 
Eco Guardians has a strong track record in the Resource Industry having supplied GaiaRecycle food waste recycling systems to high profile sites such as BHPB Olympic Dam and the Ichthys LNG Project with other hugely significant projects underway.

Cardboard Recycling 
Due to the remoteness of the sites, all foodstuffs and ingredients have to be brought in, mostly in cardboard cartons … thousands of them. Compacting and baling these cartons has hitherto been a labour-intensive, time consuming activity that is now revolutionised by the Valpak compactor which reduces labour content by up to 75%.

Waste Water Treatment 
Generally, at resource locations, there is no reticulated sewer system and so each site must have a complex waste water and sewerage treatment system in place. The Grease Guardian product range is ideally suited as part of the solution because it separates fats, oils and grease from kitchen waste water, lessening the treatment demands downstream while capturing the grease and oil for recycling. .

"Boom or bust, the fact is that 248,000 people were employed last year in Australian mining. Plenty of waste generated and plenty of opportunities for Eco Guardians to deploy its resource recovery solutions."

Products Used

Gaia GC-1200 at Olympic Dam
Grease Guardian D4 L-R
Vapak 3D Doors Open
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