About Us

The Eco Guardians team is committed to facilitating sustainability in business practices, for both the good of the environment and the success of your business.

About Eco Guardians

The founders of Eco Guardians are united in their shared vision and resolve to identify pragmatic, practical and sustainable solutions to the problem of waste reduction. They share a mutual respect and appreciation for the skill-sets, knowledge, ideas and insights that each of them brings to the table. The Eco Guardians leadership team consists of David Berry, Phillip Spring, Aaron Moynes, Paul Cross, Kevin Logue and Nanne van't Riet.


David  joined Eco Guardians in 2011 and is an executive director. David holds a Bachelor of Engineering from the Queensland University of Technology (QUT). David is an experienced Oil & Gas industry professional, having worked in a variety of engineering and management roles with Shell Oil in Australia, Asia Pacific and Mesa regions over twenty years. His broad experience in delivering projects combined with his background in engineering gives David the opportunity to act in an advisory capacity for customers. David holds the tiles of Technical Director and General Manager in Eco Guardians.


Kevin  joined the board of Eco Guardians as a non-executive director in May, 2017. Kevin has built successful financial services and property development businesses in both the UK and Melbourne. He has a successful track-record investing in start-up businesses and brings valuable experience to Eco Guardians as a director and significant shareholder.

Phillip Spring

Phillip joined Eco Guardians in May 2018. Phillip is an experienced Director with global experience in Asia Pacific, Europe and North America across many industries including the Automotive, Packaging, Energy and Health sectors.

Nanne van't Riet

Nanne joined Eco Guardians as a non-executive director in 2017. He holds a law degree from the University of Georgia (USA). Nanne is an experienced corporate advisory and investment professional with an extensive corporate background in Oil & Gas (including positions with Shell and Qatar Petroleum). He has served as a director on a number of boards of listed and unlisted companies both in Australia and overseas. He has also raised capital for a number of listed and unlisted companies. 


Paul  as over two decades of experience in the waste and environmental sectors. His comprehensive understanding in the areas of commercial waste and recycling, and specialty markets such as organics, medical waste, and construction waste make him an invaluable asset to the Eco Guardians team. Paul has held senior management roles with some of the industry's most respected companies.


Aaron has been working with Eco Guardians since 2011, combining Product Management and Marketing roles. Aaron holds a Bachelor of Business (Marketing) from Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne.  



billion tonnes is the estimated amount of global food waste annually by 2030 

$1.5 trillion

is the estimated cost of global food waste by 2030


tonnes of food will be wasted per second across the globe by 2030