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About The Rocket

The Rocket® is a continual process system, designed to be fed with wastes as frequently as possible – ideally daily. Food and organic waste is simply placed into the hopper on the top of the machine with an equal quantity of “woody” material. The process from then on is automated. As the blades of the internal shaft turn they aerate the material, moving it along the body of the machine providing extra loading space at the input end of the machine and pushing finished material from the exit of the machine. The material has a residency time of around 14 days in total, with today’s added waste coming out in two weeks time plus tomorrow’s waste – ie. 2 weeks + 1day.
The Rocket® is simply a controlled environment in which harmless composting microbes thrive, the addition of fresh waste (their food) into a lovely, warm, moist and well ventilated environment (the Rocket®) makes them multiply, eat, multiply even more and grow. This generates heat. This heat is contained through high density insulation and keeps the environment warm and the bugs working.

Benefits of The Rocket

Designed to be operator friendly the Rocket® is very easy to use and requires minimal maintenance. Usual hygiene practices, such as brushing the floor around the Rocket® and wiping the machine clean should there be any spills, take very little time allowing the Rocket® to become a part of your usual catering, waste and landscaping processes quickly and easily.


The Rocket range of equipment has CE Certification. 


Rocket A1200 Rocket A1200 (1164 KB)

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Rocket A900 Rocket A900 (862 KB)

Rocket Overview Rocket Overview (249 KB)

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