Reduction of grease in air-exhaust systems

It’s a fact that the majority of fires in restaurants and take-away food outlets start in the extraction hood or the duct work. As hot air is sucked away from the cooking area, it carries with it particles of oil and grease that, unless there is sufficient protection in place, will condense and build up inside the duct work, creating a layer of highly flammable material.

Air & Odour Management

Eco Guardians’ Veritech range of high-efficiency primary grease filters achieves grease removal from the air as great as 95% with consequent reductions in duct cleaning frequency as well as the opportunity to reduce fire insurance premiums.

Air Guardian to control airborne odours and pathogens

In enclosed spaces, airborne micro-organisms create offensive odours, spread infections and compromise hygiene standards. Traditional cleaning methods and masking agents are not enough. After cleaning, once a facility is re-used harmful micro-organisms return and grow at a rapid rate. Odours prevail and the health risks increase.

In eight hours, a single bacteria cell can multiply to over 8 million, meaning odours prevail and health risks increase. Utilising ultraviolet lamp technology kills up to 98% of airborne bacteria, viruses, respiratory allergens and reduces airborne transmission of influenza, colds and viruses.

Reduction of grease in air-exhaust systems

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Unique cartridge filters designed to prevent grease entering the canopy and duct-work. Ideal for heavy cooking and where discharge from the business must meet council regulations.


Air Guardian

Developed by NASA for the international space station our units utilise an advanced photo catalytic oxidisation process whereby the UV lamp in conjunction with nano titanium dioxide plates generate hydroxyl ions and super oxide ions. These destroy the cell walls of bacteria killing them or rendering them inert.

Commercial Kitchen fires in Australia

50% of commercial kitchen fires

start from the ignition of cooking materials

90% of the time

the fire spreads through the exhaust systems

90% of small grease particles

are filtered from the air by the Vertitech FILTER