Reduction of grease in air-exhaust systems

It’s a fact that the majority of fires in restaurants and take-away food outlets start in the extraction hood or the duct work. As hot air is sucked away from the cooking area, it carries with it particles of oil and grease that, unless there is sufficient protection in place, will condense and build up inside the duct work, creating a layer of highly flammable material.

Air & Odour Management

Eco Guardians’ Veritech range of high-efficiency primary grease filters achieves grease removal from the air as great as 95% with consequent reductions in duct cleaning frequency as well as the opportunity to reduce fire insurance premiums.

Controlled Ozone to control airborne odours

In addition to removing grease from the air before discharging from your commercial kitchen in many cases these days you also need to be sure that odours are managed. Multi use developments are on the increase so more businesses have residences above them. This can lead to complaints if your neighbours are constantly exposed to the cooking odours.

Retrofitting commercial kitchens into what were previously office or retail means that there is no ducts that go to roof height for the discharge so the only option is at street level. That means even stricter requirements for the discharge. Our controlled ozone systems can eliminate the volatiles that create the nusiance before they get to the discharge.

Reduction of grease in air-exhaust systems

Our Products



Unique cartridge filters designed to prevent grease entering the canopy and duct-work. Ideal for heavy cooking and where discharge from the business must meet council regulations.


Controlled Ozone

Controlled Ozone injectors are the first fully controllable, energy efficient units available for neutralising cooking odours, and they are well placed to comply with any future ozone output monitoring requirements that may be introduced.

Commercial Kitchen fires

50% of commercial kitchen fires

start from the ignition of cooking materials

90% of the time

the fire spreads through the kitchen exhaust system

90% of small grease particles

are filtered from the air by the veritech filter