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About Grease Guardian

Grease Guardian is the world’s leading at-source automated grease recovery device. Grease Guardians are installed in some of the world’s most prestigious hotel groups, restaurants and fast food chains, sporting arenas, supermarkets and airports. The Grease Guardian range has been certified and tested in the US, Europe, Asia and Australia with absolute quality and efficiency in mind.

There are six Grease Guardian models in our range capable of handling from the smallest outlet to hotels and shopping centres. Specification sheets and a leaflet are at your disposal in the "Downloads" area.

Movies of this product and others in our range can be viewed on our YouTube channel.

Benefits of Grease Guardian

The benefits are clear:
  • Performance. Grease Guardian is officially the most approved and tested grease removal unit in the world 
  • Safety. Grease Guardians conform to both European (CE) and US (UL) electrical safety requirements. 
  • Hygiene. Grease Guardians have an IP/66 ingress protection rating for water and dust, making Grease Guardian the most hygienic unit in the market. 
  • Commissioning. To ensure your Grease Guardian operates at maximum efficiency from day one we commission every unit we sell at no cost to you.
  • Service/Parts. Our factory trained service technicians are there when you need them, spare parts are readily available ex-stock and at very reasonable prices.
  • Economical. Grease Guardians are not only economical to run, they only consume electricity when they are operating, (a maximum of four hours per day) but they can also be sold on as an asset when the premises are sold. 
  • Rental/Leasing. Grease Guardians can be leased or rented, minimising capital outlay at a time when it is most needed.
  • Reliability. Almost one thousand Grease Guardians have been installed in Australia and New Zealand since 1995. In this period we have replaced less than five motors and cogs, by far the major repair cost of an automatic grease removal unit, that’s less than one fifth of one percent. Little wonder that Grease Guardian is the unit of choice when reliability matters.
If your current grease trap is too small or inefficient or installation of a conventional grease trap is a problem due to size restrictions or financial viability, please be sure to click on our FAQ’s IN THE “Downloads” area. A Grease Guardian delivers all of the above benefits and is easily installed by your plumber. We are more than happy to help you with your Trade Waste Application.


Grease Guardians have passed WSAA (Water Services Association of Australia) Appraisal. Product Appraisal Report No TWA1008 states:

"It is recommended that WSAA Members and Associates accept or authorise the Grease Guardian product range for use in sewer networks..."

Grease Guardian is approved for use in dozens of countries worldwide and, of course, is CE Certified.


D1 spec sheet D1 spec sheet (659 KB)

D-10 brochure D-10 brochure (314 KB)

D2 spec sheet D2 spec sheet (581 KB)

D3 spec sheet D3 spec sheet (634 KB)

D4 spec sheet D4 spec sheet (873 KB)

D5 spec sheet D5 spec sheet (977 KB)

Grease Guardian FAQs Grease Guardian FAQs (250 KB)

Grease Guardian Leaflet Grease Guardian Leaflet (1619 KB)


“We installed a D1 Grease Guardian this year that granted us our trade waste certificate without having to dig a large pit for a grease trap. In fact installation only took our plumber a couple of hours. The unit now fits comfortably underneath the kitchen sinks, and the best thing is that it is easily maintained in only a few short minutes each morning. Unlike the other quotes I got, Eco Guardians came and commissioned it to show us what to do. The Grease Guardian is simple and efficient, it does its work while we concentrate on ours.” 
Dan Woltema, Chef
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