“Reduce waste, Save Money”
Effectively reduce your food waste and streamline your food procurement expenditure through KITRO waste avoidance technology.

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By reducing food waste, you can run more productive, lucrative and sustainable commercial kitchens. Built for business, powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), Kitro Food Waste Sytems are the solution for every commercial kitchen to reduce food waste, streamline food procurement and save money.

Why your business needs the Kitro Food Waste System

1. Reduce your food waste

2. Streamline your food procurement

3. Increase your profitability

What is KITRO?

Created by hospitality insiders, Kitro strives to bring back the value of valuable resources, so they are appreciated and not wasted. KITRO is a state-of-the-art imaging solution that provides instant analysis of your food waste.

Through KITRO technology, you are able to assess and capture what is being wasted and the quantities of the waste itself. This in turn will enable you to effectively procure your food needs more accurately and economically, thus creating less food waste, less environmental impact and a better bottom line.

KITRO offers a fully automated hardware and software package that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to identify waste, record images, time, weight and costs associated at the organisation and environment level.

How KITRO Food Waste Systems Work

The KITRO device takes a photo and captures the weight of every item that’s thrown in your existing food waste bin. KITRO automatically identifies what fills the bins. So, when you throw away a carrot, KITRO can tell you it's the carrot or the carrot peel, the amount thrown away, when it happened and even how much it cost you. If the technology fails to recognise a product such as dough, it has the ability to learn and recognise it in the future. The technology can also identify any contamination such as plastics, glass, cardboard etc.

Use data informed decisions to reduce food waste

The system comes with a personalised dashboard that allows you to evaluate your primary sources of waste, identify cost drivers and understand where you can save. This online dashboard means that organisations can compare multiple venues at once and share the results.

KITRO Timeline

Need to know more?

How much savings can I make with KITRO?
Every property is different, and savings depend on the starting point as well as the motivation of the team on-site. Our customers have reduced up to 57% of their edible food waste where reductions range anywhere from 10 to 55%. This results in savings between 2% and 8% of the annual food cost. Typically, our customers see a ROI between 200-600% in just one year.

How much does it cost?
Eco Guardians offers a subscription-based service to rent the device monthly. Depending on the length of contract, the size of your property and the number of units required different discounts apply. Contact our team to find out more!

Is there any effort necessary for me and my team?
The measurement process is completely automated, with no buttons or effort needed. However, measurement alone does not achieve results, though. Your dashboard gives you all the insights necessary to take action and set achievable and measurable goals.You have the option to personalize and input certain information on the dashboard.

The more information you put in, the more granular and useful your analysis will become.

What areas of Australia do you service?
The Kitro Food Waste System is available Australia wide.

How easy is it to install and get started?
After signing the contract, we only need some basic information about your property, and we can get started! If we have devices in stock, we can start measuring within 2-4 weeks depending where you’re located.

How do I know if the KITRO solution works for me?
Typically, we see that the amount of food waste occurring in commercial kitchens is greatly underestimated so our solution is beneficial for most of them. Properties that serve at least 100 meals a day quickly see a return on their investment and are able to make a huge impact, but of course it is property dependent. We work with all types of properties from school canteens, retirement homes to luxury hotels and ski resorts. Read more to see if KITRO is a fit for you.

Why does a subscription service work better than a one time fee?
We work alongside your business and provide ongoing support and access to our experts in understanding the data so you can get the best outcome.

Does KITRO support me with the understanding of my data?
Absolutely! You will have your personal key account manager, who will take care of you and get you settled. In addition to on-boarding calls, we also support you with quarterly goal setting and best practise calls which are all included in the monthly subscription.

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Kitro provides a very easy to use device and good support for reducing food waste. We were able to optimise our operations in one of our restaurants with a 34% reduction in plate waste during a 3 month pilot.

Dorte bachmann - sustainability manager sv group

Through their holistic solution, Kitro enabled us to make specific changes to our breakfast offer, reducing waste and cost.

michael vogt - general manager einstein st gallen

FOOD WASTE and Businesses

1 Million tONNES

of food waste is thrown out by AUSTRALIAN businesses every year

21.5% of an

Australian business waste is food

14 days

is the duration of the Rocket Composting process.