controlled ozone

Ozone is recognised as a very effective medium for neutralising cooking odours, and injection into the kitchen extraction system has proven to be effective in the control of odour emissions.


Working within industry guidelines of 1 gram per 0.09 m³/s of air volume @ 1.5 seconds of dwell time within the ducts, to achieve neutralisation of 80% of cooking odours and maximum discharge levels of 0.3 ppm ozone concentration, the Controlled Ozone products are designed to be the first fully controllable, energy efficient units developed to reduce cooking odour emissions.

The units are modular allowing configuration of systems from 2 m³/s up to 8 m³/s. To ensure the correct concentration the CO Range Injector will increase its output of ozone by 10 grams per every 1 m³/s of air volume within the duct

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Fully controllable by information gathered from both electronic air pressure switch and if required by ozone monitor. Will deliver correct concentration of ozone from 0.8 to 8 m³/s of air flow. Delivers low dwell times as it can inject active ozone into the system at the earliest possible opportunity. Additional injectors can be added to the system as required. Only uses power when it is required. Control Panel can be sited away from injectors – in a position that is easy to view. Outputs for Building Management Systems and Data loggers.

Use in conjunction with our kitchen exhaust air filters for a complete grease and odour solutiuon.

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Commercial Kitchen odour challenges


cooking odours however nice can become

a nuisance over time leading to complaints

discharge points for the canopy

if at low level require additional treatment for approvals

ozone is a proven method

of making these odours manageable and achieving compliance