Drain Protectors are filtration devices that prevent solid particles in wastewater escaping into drains, causing materials to rot at the bottom of grease traps. Contact us today for a quote!

In recent years, there's been an increase in the requirements for solids-screen devices on commercial premises, and Drain protectors effectively address this need.
By filtering out the solids, our range of commercial kitchen drain protectors reduce the load on your waste water system.

Drain Protector

How it works

The Eco Guardians Drain Protector range is divided into three categories, with products for sinks, floor drains and floor troughs. Every model carries WSAA and WaterMark approval. In all cases, there is a removable stainless steel basket with a fixed, secondary stainless steel screen below it, as required by regulations. This double-screening filters solids greater than 3mm from the wastewater before they reach the grease trap. If you would like to buy a drain protector and would like a price, contact us today for a quote. Drain Protectors are available Australia wide, including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide, Perth and Hobart.

Benefits of Drain Protector

Drain Protector - Compliance

Water authorities in several states require the use of screening devices with fixed secondary strainers. Drain Protectors fulfill that requirement with a high-quality, reliable unit.

Drain Protector - Prevents Rotting

Prevents rotting
Drain Protectors prevent the build-up of rotting materials in the base of the grease trap. These rotting materials would otherwise cause odours, reduce the capacity of the grease trap and create a need for more frequent, costly pump-outs.

Where sharps or exposure to chemicals are an issue, the lever-operated Drain Protector models reduce the OH&S risks to staff by avoiding the need to reach into a sink to remove a plug.


The Drain Protector range is:
Watermarked. Certificate no. 23056 – see Certificate in “Downloads” WSAA Appraised. Report no. TWA1006

Brisbane City Council approves the use of Drain Protector floor models in bin-washing areas as an alternative to a below-ground grease trap


“Mariljohn have been purchasing Drain Protectors from Eco Guardians from the beginning. Their products are high quality and durable, which is very important in our business. Just as important to us is timely delivery and excellent after sales service - Eco Guardians delivers on all fronts.”


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