SOILFOOD™ Soil Enhancer - Natural Fertiliser for Plants

SoilFood™ organic fertiliser is one of two pathogen-free reusable resources created via the SoilFood™ System.

How does SoilFood™ work?

SoilFood™ is exactly that. Food for the soil. Applying SoilFood™ to your land enriches the soil, helping plants grow bigger, stronger and healthier - without the use of chemical fertilisers. Sustainability in action.

Your business can make SoilFood™ with one of our food dehydration units. Simply place food waste inside, switch on, and at the end of the process, your SoilFood™ is ready.

Benefits of Soilfood™ Soil Enhancer

Soilfood - Nutrient Rich Fertiliser

Nutrient rich fertiliser:
SoilFood™ is high in nutrients and perfect for use as a high-quality soil enhancer.

Soilfood - Safe for sensitive plants

Safe for sensitive plants
SoilFood™ is a slow release organic fertiliser that is stable and safe to use on all plants – even sensitive plants such as orchids.

Soilfood - High Nutrient content

High nutrient content
SoilFood's™ organic status and high nutrient content means that it can also be incorporated into composts to enhance their nutrient profile, or applied with mulches to reduce the risk of nitrogen drawdown

Why making SoilFood™ is Smart Business

  • Making SoilFood™ instead of sending food waste to landfill is cost effective. Our dehydrators reduce the volume of waste by approximately 80% enabling your business to reduce the number of waste collections, or the number of bins in use.

  • The price of landfill has risen rapidly in recent years and will continue to rise. By making SoilFood™, your business doesn’t have to worry about large landfill price increases

  • Making SoilFood™ minimises odour – no more smelly bins out the back!

  • If your business is environmentally focussed, measuring and reporting on the weight of food recycled into SoilFood™ can significantly improve your overall sustainability result

Soilfood is Smart Business

Why making SoilFood™ is Good For The Environment
The link between SoilFood & Sustainability for the Future

  • Sustainability is critical to the health of our environment.

  • Food waste decomposing in landfills produces methane, which is approximately 25-30 times more potent than carbon dioxide as a greenhouse gas.

  • Approximately 8% of greenhouse gases heating the planet are caused by food waste.

  • In Australia, eliminating food waste from landfill would save 9.5 million tonnes of CO2 equivalent each year – the equivalent of taking 3 million vehicles off the road

  • Making SoilFood™ instead of sending your food away to be composted or landfilled means fewer heavy vehicle movements, another win for the environment. Of course if you are interested in large scale food waste composting we can also assist with our Rocket range.

  • By making SoilFood™ instead of landfilling your food waste, imagine the real difference to sustainability your business can start making!

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#4 is australia's Ranking

in the world's top food wasters (per capita)

8.9 billion of food

is waste in Australia annually

80% reductions

in business waste contributions to landfill can be achieved with our SoilFood System