Eco Guardians aim is always to assist our clients not just in conforming with regulations, but demonstrating their sustainable credentials that show the world they care about the environment.

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Food Waste Recycling

Food Waste Recycling

Whichever way you look at it, the sustainability issues surrounding food waste are huge. And, on one point, there is unanimous agreement - these organics, particularly food waste, MUST be diverted from landfill. Eco Guardians food and organic recycling equipment can be provided in all areas of AustraliaEco Guardians food and organic recycling equipment can be provided in all areas of Australia

Water Treatment

Water Treatment

Businesses such as commercial kitchens, cafés and restaurants are required to install some form of waste water cleansing system at source and traditionally, this has been a static underground grease trap.However, these are less than ideal instruments as they need pumping out frequently, become less effective with time and are often the source of unpleasant odours.

Air & Odour Management

Air and Odour  Management

Eco Guardians’ Veritech range of high-efficiency primary grease filters achieves grease removal from the air as great as 95% with consequent reductions in duct cleaning frequency as well as the opportunity to reduce fire insurance premiums.



billion tonnes is the estimated amount of global food waste annually by 2030 

$1.5 trillion

is the estimated cost of global food waste by 2030


tonnes of food will be wasted per second across the globe by 2030