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Gaia Recycle

Grease Guardian

D1 spec sheet D1 spec sheet (659 KB)

D-10 brochure D-10 brochure (314 KB)

D2 spec sheet D2 spec sheet (581 KB)

D3 spec sheet D3 spec sheet (634 KB)

D4 spec sheet D4 spec sheet (873 KB)

D5 spec sheet D5 spec sheet (977 KB)

Grease Guardian FAQs Grease Guardian FAQs (250 KB)

Grease Guardian Leaflet Grease Guardian Leaflet (1619 KB)


Air Guardian


Rocket A1200 Rocket A1200 (1164 KB)

Rocket A500 Rocket A500 (608 KB)

Rocket A700 Rocket A700 (928 KB)

Rocket A900 Rocket A900 (862 KB)

Rocket Overview Rocket Overview (249 KB)

Our Vision
To be the leading provider of sustainable and economically viable solutions for businesses dealing with their environmental obligations.