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About Gaia Recycle

Of all the methods of handling food waste, GaiaRecycle is unique as an on-site, odour-free process that produces two sterile reusable resources – water and biomass. GaiaRecycle equipment covers the range from 30 kgs to 100 tonnes per day. Options are available above 100 kgs per day for gas, steam and electrical operation.

In the GaiaRecycle “Downloads” area you will find a full process decription, and a technical data file for the modular units up to 2 tonnes per day for both electrical and gas operated models. This file also charts the process stages and shows a typical temperature curve.

Three visual presentations about GaiaRecycle are avaialable there:
  • A General Introduction
  • An overview of GaiaRecycle in Retail applications
  • An overview of GaiaRecycle in the Mining and Resources sector
Movies of this product and others in our range can be viewed on our YouTube channel by selecting the link at the top or foot of this page.

Eco Guardians is keen to work with you to solve your organic waste issues. We will find out from you exactly how much you produce and then we will put together a total proposal for the treatment of that waste and the usages for the by-products of the process. You will receive a GHG balance sheet and an economic pay-back statement so that you have everything you need to make an informed decision on your specific requirements.

A number of financial models can be proposed, including rentals over two, three and five year fixed periods.

Benefits of Gaia Recycle

By heating and shredding the waste, an accelerated fermentation and dehydration process is activated, driving off the water which is then condensed and can be used for irrigation, cleaning or other grey-water applications.

Left behind is a dry biomass that is only 10 – 15% of the original volume and is rich in concentrated nutrients. It is sterile and free from weeds, seeds and pathogens so that in all ways it is an ideal soil amendment. The biomass is also suitable for use as a compost enhancer and as a component of biomass fuels.

In avoiding landfill, GHG reductions of up to 90% are achieved as well as 100% reduction in leachate creation.

Treating the food waste at source means the avoidance of the escalating costs of commercial organic waste collection, including landfill levies and carbon pricing components.


The GaiaRecycle range is CE Approved.

The equipment is manufactured under ISO9001 (Quality) and ISO14001 (Environmental) regimes.

Eco Guardians is accredited as a supplier in the Oil & Gas Exploration industry where quality and technical conformance requirements are among the most demanding.


GaiaRecycle GC range GaiaRecycle GC range (1029 KB)

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