GREASE GUARDIAN - The Grease Trap Alternative in Melbourne

Unable to install a grease trap? We can help. The Grease Guardian is a compact alternative to a grease trap, perfect for in kitchen installations.
Available now in Melbourne!

Grease Guardian

When you need to install a grease arrestor but don't have enough room for a large grease trap pit!

Grease Guardian is a highly efficient indoor grease trap that separates grease and oil from waste water in commercial kitchens, including supermarkets, restaurants, fast food chains, sporting arenas and airports. This indoor grease interceptor prevents these pollutants from entering our waterways, and fulfils your commercial obligations.

The Grease Guardian in kitchen grease arrestor has been certified and tested in the US, Europe, Asia and Australia. With over 1000  installations already in service, you can rely on Grease Guardian - the grease trap alternative.

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Automated Grease Recovery Device - Grease Guardian

How the Grease Guardian Electric Grease Trap Alternative Works

Because we don't have large pits in the ground the Grease Guardian unit relies on some very clever machinery. It contains a removable strainer basket to capture solid debris. Kitchen trade waste water enters through this strainer and flows into a chamber in which the lighter oils and grease rise to the surface. The now-separated water exits from the unit. An in-built heater is set to the requirements of each installation site to ensure that the oils and grease don’t solidify.

A motor-operated skimming wheel collects the oils and grease electrostatically, then transfers them to the outlet pipe via a wiper-blade system. The skimmed oils and grease are collected in an external container, ready for collection by a renderer or recycler.

The Grease Guardian indoor grease trap is available Melbourne wide, and is already in use in a number of water authority areas.

Benefits of the Grease Guardian Kitchen Interceptor

Grease Guardian - Performance

Grease Guardian is officially the most approved and tested grease removal unit in the world. They are ideal for in kitchen and inside grease trap installations

Grease Guardian - Safety

Grease Guardians conform to both European (CE) and US (UL) electrical safety requirements.

Grease Guardian - Hygiene

Grease Guardians have an IP/66 ingress protection rating for water and dust, making Grease Guardian the most hygienic grease arrestor unit in the market.

Grease Guardian - Commissioning

To ensure your Grease Guardian operates at maximum efficiency from day one we commission every unit we sell at no cost to you.

Grease Guardian - Service/Parts

Our factory trained service technicians are there when you need them, spare parts are readily available ex-stock and at very reasonable prices.

Grease Guardian - Economical

Grease Guardians are highly economical to run, as they only consume electricity when they are operating - a maximum of four hours per day. The Grease Guardian can also be programmed for fewer than seven days if your business doesn’t operate every day.

Grease Guardian - Rental/Leasing

Grease Guardians can be leased or rented, minimising capital outlay at a time when it is most needed.

Grease Guardian - Reliability

Almost one thousand Grease Guardians have been installed in Australia and New Zealand since 1995. In this period we have replaced less than five motors and cogs, by far the major repair cost of an automatic grease removal unit, that’s less than one fifth of one percent. Little wonder that Grease Guardian is the unit of choice when reliability matters.

Grease Guardian - Sustainability

Grease Guardians are a sustainable alternative to a grease trap. They filter solid food waste from entering the sewer network and can reduce existing grease trap pump out requirements thus reducing truck movements. Recovered grease can be easily recycled.

For over 20 years Eco Guardians havepartnered with the Grease Guardian manufacturer FM Environmental to distribute GreaseGuardians across Australia.


Grease Guardians have passed WSAA (Water Services Association of Australia) Appraisal. Product Appraisal Report No TWA1008 states:

"It is recommended that WSAA Members and Associates accept or authorise the Grease Guardian product range for use in sewer networks..."

Grease Guardian is approved for use in dozens of countries worldwide and, of course, is CE Certified.


I have been servicing Grease Guardians now for 13 years and performed over 5000 services. These things are fantastic. The build and the materials used are second to none. In the time I have done this job, I have replaced maybe 6 heaters and 4 motors. I do these for the entire state of Victoria and with 1 minute per day of maintenance and correct servicing, I still have machines running that were purchased and installed before I started.

Chris Scagnetti, Donleyella Maintenance

We installed a D1 Grease Guardian this year that granted us our trade wastecertificate without having to dig a large pit for a grease trap. In fact installation only took our plumber a couple of hours. The unit now fits comfortably underneath the kitchen sinks, and the best thing is that it is easily maintained in only a few short minutes each morning. Unlike the other quotes I got, Eco Guardians came and commissioned it to show us what to do. The Grease Guardian is simple and efficient, it does its work while we concentrate on ours

Dan Woltema, Chef

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GREASE in our sewers

1 in 4 people

pour cooking oils down the sink

$15 million

is the estimated cost of sewer blockages in Australia each year

97% - 98% of oils & grease

of oils and grease are separated from wastewater by the Grease Guardian