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About Valpak

The simple beauty of the Valpak cardboard baler is that cartons are thrown into the machine “whole” without any need for preparation. The cartons are crushed and compacted continuously into a large plastic bag on a pallet within the machine’s chamber.

When using traditional cardboard balers, on the other hand, it is necessary to flatten cartons before they are loaded into the machine but, even before that stage, baling straps have to be put in position so that they can be fastened after the bale is formed.

Leaflets are available in the “Downloads” area while movies of this product and others in our range can be viewed on our YouTube channel by selecting the link at the top or foot of this page.

Benefits of Valpak

The reduction of labour when using the Valpak is as much as 75%, creating an excellent return on the investment in the equipment. This is illustrated in a comparison available in the “Downloads” area.

Operator safety is enhanced by the elimination of the need to use a knife for cutting the tape on cartons in order to flatten them.


Valpak equipment has CE Certification.
Our Vision
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