Transform organic waste into a valued resource

A proven versatile re-purposing process creating a pathogen-free organic fertiliser and sterile water stream from your food waste scraps.  

Soilfood Logo - Making Fertilizer and Compost Enhancer from Recycled Food Organics

The food recycling equipment is installed on-site (eliminating waste transport costs and emissions) and reduces the volume of food waste, as well as re-purposing a range of organic inputs into a nutrient-rich organic soil enhancer.

This fertiliser is scientifically proven to improve soil condition and plant health.

In using the SoilFood™ System, organic waste is diverted from landfill, thereby reducing methane and leachate created from rotting organic matter.

How it works

Soilfood Food and Organic Waste Recycling System - How it works. Available Australia wide including Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne

Commercial Food Waste Management
Often thought of as a food waste composting machine, our equipment works by heating and shredding the food waste. The process dehydrates all kinds of organic food waste - it's exceptionally good at recycling food scraps from commercial kitchens that can then be added to compost - a great alternative to a digester.

Organic Food Recycling
A controlled  dehydration process is carried out inside the food waste recycling machine to evaporate the moisture content. The sterile moisture is condensed, ready for use in irrigation or any other grey-water applications. This is another key element that differentiates our technology from food waste digesters.

The solid product remaining is a dry biomass that is only 10 - 15% of the original volume of the waste, and is rich in concentrated nutrients. It is sterile and free from weeds, seeds and pathogens, making it an ideal soil amendment.

Composting Waste Management Made Easy
The biomass is also suitable for use in Australia as a compost enhancer and as a component of biomass fuels. Its important to note that we use the term "compost enhancer" - this product is concentrated and provides far more nutrients than compost. Again, often thought of as a waste to compost machine. No more putting food in the bin!

It's easy to see why people often think this is an electric compost machine - it is a machine that processes food waste effectively, and makes a product similar to compost - with far more nutrients. SoilFood! If you choose the electric food waste recycler unit, its possible to power the machine using renewable electricity. Gas models are also available.

Food Recycling Company
Is your business looking for a food recycling company? Eco Guardians food waste management system is perfect for commercial kitchen food waste.  It is a proven technology current in use Australia wide, including Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide with units at many remote locations, such as mine sites and offshore islands.

Soilfood process

Benefits of the Soilfood™ System

Soilfood - Nutrient Rich Fertiliser

Nutrient rich fertiliser:
The SoilFood™ System produces a nutrient-rich, high-quality organic fertiliser that can be used on gardens and crops, produced from kitchen waste and food scraps

Soilfood - Reduction of Methane and Leachate

Reduction of methane and leachate:
Implementation of the SoilFood™ System ensures a reduction of organic waste in landfill. This saves landfill space for other purposes and eliminates anaerobic rotting of the waste which would have generated methane and leachate.

Soilfood - Eliminating Carbon Emissions

Reducing carbon emissions:
Using the SoilFood™ System machine eliminates the carbon emissions that would otherwise result from transporting the waste to disposal sites

Soilfood - Grey Water

Grey water harvesting:
The SoilFood™ System machine generates condensed water that can be harvested and used as grey water within your business.

Soilfood - No additives

No additives:
The SoilFood™ System technology requires no additives such as water, wood chips or microbes for processing the food waste.- setting our food organics recycling apart from digesters.

Soilfood - Economic Payback

Economic pay back:
As well as the other benefits, there’s the potential for cost-savings due to the long-term reduction or elimination of the fees involved in hiring skips or bins for waste removal and disposal.

Video of The Soil Food System: Recycling Food Waste into Fertiliser

Grants Available for Food Recycling Systems!

Federal and State Governments are increasingly willing to utilise the income from landfill levies to finance initiatives to encourage diversion of organic waste from landfill.

Examples of this include: the NSW EPA Bin Trim Rebate scheme under which Eco Guardians is accredited as an assessor - we can help your business to apply.

Sustainability Victoria also offers funding towards the implementation of diversion systems.


Brisbane Conference & Exhibition Centre
Lord Mayor’s Sustainability Award
 2016 Energex Award for Sustainability in Business
2015 Lord Mayor’s Sustainability Award

South Melbourne Market
Sustainability Vic Institute of Public Accountability Award
2018 Local Government Professionals Award
2017 AORA Award for Sustainability in Business

Brisbane Conference & Exhibition Centre
AORA Award for Sustainability in Business
UK Award: Stadium Design & Development Innovation
City of Melbourne Award: Contribution to Sustainability by a Business
Green Sports Alliance award
Sports Environment Alliance Change Solutions Award

McConnell Dowell
APGA Environment award

SoilFood™ System Machine Options

Gaia - SoilFood
Gaia -  Soilfood
Gaia - Soilfood

“Cabrini Health has used the SoilFood System with great results over the last 18 months. The main hospital processes 250 –300 kilograms of food waste each day. This has reduced our landfill weight by 75-80%, and has the side benefits of reducing odours and flies in the waste management area.”

Mike Taylor - Environmental Programs Manager

“We are doing this to clean up our laneways, and are achieving90% reduction in waste to landfill. We have greatly reduced truck movements in the area for waste collections and we are achieving a 60% reduction in our greenhouse gas emissions.”

Deputy Mayor Arron Wood - City Of Melbourne

‘As the South Melbourne Market’s owner, the City of Port Phillip is very passionate about sustainability. These exciting new organic products add to a suite of green initiatives we've been introducing to help us lighten our environmental footprint, creating a more sustainable Market today and for the next generation. Diverting our food waste from landfill significantly reduces both our greenhouse gas emissions and leachate which pollutes waterways. Every two tonnes of waste diverted from landfill has the same greenhouse gas reduction effect as taking a car off the road for a year.’

Mayor Bernadene Voss - City of Port Phillip

‘Installing Eco Guardian’s SoilFood System food waste dehydrator has significantly reduced our greenhouse gas emissions and markedly reduced our waste removal costs. We now create SoilFood, a rich organic fertiliser which is in hot demand by our market patrons. Eco Guardians have added an important step in our journey to continually improve our sustainability initiatives.’

Bill McMaster - Prahran Market Operations Manager

"SESL Australia has worked with Eco Guardians in the development of its SoilFood™ fertiliser. Independent testing and pot trials have demonstrated the efficacy of the product and its quality as an organic fertiliser. The work has shown how resources such as waste food can be directed to beneficial uses, thereby contributing to sustainable food production."

Declan McDonald, Senior Soil Scientist - Horticultural Scientist

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#4 is australia's Ranking

in the world's top food wasters (per capita)

8.9 billion of food

is waste in Australia annually

80% reductions

in business waste contributions to landfill can be achieved with our SoilFood System