Aussie Prisons Finding Cost-Effective Food Waste Solutions

Friday, May 18, 2018

The Eco Guardians SoilFood™ Systems are established in a myriad of applications throughout Australia turning food waste from a cost to a valuable organic fertiliser.

Some of our recent blog posts have highlighted the successes of clients like the MCG and South Melbourne Market, but SoilFood™ Systems are also installed in organisations like Educational Facilities, Hospitals, Council Offices, Government houses and even Correctional Facilities - that's right,a food waste recycling system for Prisons!

Correctional Facilities are very expensive to operate. In Australia it costs $110,000 to imprison someone for a year which is approximately $300 per inmate per day. On any given day there are on average over 40,000 people imprisoned at one time which in turn uses up a lot of energy and creates a huge amount of food waste. Eco Guardians have concluded that through three meals per day the average inmate will generate 0.5 kg of food waste so overall the figures are approximately 20,000 tonnes of food waste per day in Australian Correctional Facilities alone.

Eco Guardians have partnered with two prison facilities to showcase how the SoilFood™ System can recycle their food waste on site to provide a quick return on investment while also providing a sustainable outcome for the prisons operators. Hopkins Correctional Centre Ararat which is operated by Programmed FM and the new Ravenhall Correctional Centre operated by The GEO Group have each installed SoilFood™ Systems that are processing 1.2 tonnes of food waste per day. Both operators are now reaping the environmental and cost benefits of eliminating the need to use any outside resources to haul food waste to an off-site landfill.

At each site the food waste is turned into SoilFood™ and then used throughout the facilities grounds. Mathew Baldock Prisoner Labour and Grounds Supervisor at Hopkins Correctional Centre said that the SoilFood™ System has “has cut our general waste disposal in half“. The resulting organic fertiliser is spread around the trees, gardens and football oval.

Eco Guardians commissions each machine and trains staff and or inmates on the simple operating procedure. The on-site process educates and creates job opportunities for inmates, not just in loading of the food waste, but also in dispersing the SoilFood™  fertiliser made from organic waste throughout the grounds including any vegetable patches.

Any business can take advantage of the SoilFood System, contact us here to learn more.

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Friday, May 18, 2018


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