NSW Grant Opportunity for Food Waste Diversion

Tuesday, June 25, 2024

NSW Businesses: Reduce Food Waste and Costs with SoilFood™ and Bin Trim Rebates

Businesses across New South Wales (NSW) now have a fantastic opportunity to improve their waste management practices through the NSW Bin Trim Equipment Rebates Program.

With $6 million in funding available over the next three years, this initiative offers substantial financial support to businesses aiming to reduce waste, increase recycling efforts, and boost operational efficiency. 

Rebates of up to $50,000 are available, covering up to 50% of the cost of eligible small-scale, on-site recycling equipment or technology.

Understanding the NSW Bin Trim Equipment Rebates Program

The NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) has introduced the Bin Trim Equipment Rebates Program to assist businesses in their pursuit of sustainable waste management. This program encourages businesses, including registered charities, not-for-profits, public entities, and government organisations, to adopt innovative waste reduction and recycling solutions. The goals are clear:

Minimise waste generation.

Maximise recycling efforts.

Implement cost-effective waste management solutions.

How SoilFood™ Systems can help divert your food waste from landfill:

When it comes to managing organic waste, the SoilFood™ Commercial Food Waste System is a game-changer. Our advanced technology converts food waste into a nutrient-rich organic soil fertiliser, significantly reducing the amount of waste sent to landfills

Why choose a SoilFood™ System?

The SoilFood™ System technology requires no additives such as water, wood chips or microbes for processing the food waste and reduces food waste volume by up to 80%, turning it into a dry, nutrient-rich biomass that’s easy to manage.

Environmental Impact: By processing waste on-site, a SoilFood™ System eliminates the need for transportation, cutting down on carbon emissions and waste management costs.

Pathogen-Free Output: Our high-temperature dehydration process ensures the output is free from pathogens, making it safe for use as a high-quality organic fertiliser.

Wide Applicability: From small restaurants to large-scale food processing plants, SoilFood™ systems cater to various capacities, ranging from 30kg to 2,000kg per day.

How SoilFood™ Systems Aligns with the Bin Trim Equipment Rebates Program

The NSW Bin Trim Equipment Rebates Program is tailored to support businesses investing in sustainable waste management technologies like SoilFood™. By integrating the SoilFood™ System into your waste management system, you could be eligible for rebates that cover a substantial portion of your investment. 

Eligibility for Rebates:

On-Site Waste Management: SoilFood™ Systems qualifies as a small-scale, on-site recycling technology, making it an eligible candidate for the Bin Trim rebates.

Cost Reduction: With the potential to receive up to 50% off the capital cost of the SoilFood™ System, businesses can achieve significant savings on their waste management expenses.

Improved Sustainability: By processing and repurposing food waste on-site, SoilFood™ Systems helps businesses reduce their environmental footprint and meet waste reduction targets.

Are You Eligible for the Bin Trim Rebates with SoilFood™ System?

To determine if your business is eligible for the Bin Trim rebates when investing in SoilFood™, consider the following criteria:

Waste Service Requirement: Ensure your business has a commercial and industrial (C&I) waste service at a site in NSW.

Business Registration: You must have a valid Australian Business Number (ABN) and employ at least one full-time employee in NSW.

Waste Assessment: Conduct a waste assessment using the Bin Trim app to evaluate your current waste management practices and identify opportunities for improvement.

Steps to Apply for the Bin Trim Rebates

Getting started with your rebate application and integrating SoilFood™ into your waste management plan is straightforward:

  1. Download and Use the Bin Trim App: Perform a comprehensive waste assessment to understand your waste profile.
  2. Speak with us to identify which SoilFood™ best suits your business needs and waste volume.
  3. Apply for the Rebate: Follow the application process provided by the NSW EPA to submit your rebate claim.

For detailed information on eligibility and the application process, refer to the NSW Bin Trim Guidelines (PDF, 562KB).

Contact Us to Learn More

Interested in how SoilFood™ Systems can transform your business’s waste management and help you leverage the Bin Trim Equipment Rebates?

Contact us today to explore our range of models and find out how we can assist in turning your food waste into a valuable resource.

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For information relating to the NSW Bin Trim Equipment Rebates program , please contact

BinTrim Phone: 131 555

Email: Bintrim.rebates@epa.nsw.gov.au

Disclaimer: EcoGuardians provides information on sustainable waste management solutions and the NSW Bin Trim Equipment Rebates program. However, EcoGuardians does not manage the rebate application process or determine eligibility. This blog article serves as an introductory guide. For accurate details and application procedures, businesses should consult the NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) guidelines directly. EcoGuardians cannot be held liable for the rebate application process or outcomes based on this information. 

All waste recycling in NSW must follow EPA rules, more information can be found at https://www.epa.nsw.gov.au/your-environment/recycling-and-reuse/resource-recovery-framework/current-orders-and-exemption

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Tuesday, June 25, 2024


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