Effective Grease Removal From Commercial Kitchen Canopy's

Wednesday, December 16, 2020

All commercial kitchens require satisfactory extraction systems to manage the grease and smoke etc. from cooking. It has to comply with Australian Standards as well as council and health requirements for these premises. That is all about keeping the exhaust air to a clean enough level not to bother neighbours or make unsightly oil stains on buildings. Another key element is preventing fires which can occur in kitchens and then travel to other parts of the building once it gets into the exhaust ducts. Truly effective filters do two things in this regard. Firstly they prevent as much grease as possible from being deposited in the back of the hood and the ducts and secondly they act as a fire barrier. Very few filters can do both of these things well. The majority of filters in typical cafes, fish and chip shops and the like are honeycomb style. The next level up establishments will tend to have baffles and in high end dining establishments they will have invested in bespoke exhaust systems. Many of these still rely on secondary treatment systems such as ultra violet and electrostatic precipitators and secondary filtration systems.

In terms of their effectiveness honeycomb filters sit at the bottom of the pack, baffles come along next and then some specialised filter designs which jump way ahead. Here at Eco Guardians we supply a unique cartridge filter which is simply the most efficient filter out there for primary grease removal. We believe in the old saying prevention is better than the cure so stopping 95% of the grease in the first place is very much a preventive measure. Of course with cities becoming much denser more and more commercial kitchens are going into buildings where traditional high level discharge is not possible. In those instances where street level discharge is required the secondary treatment systems act as the final barrier to meeting requirements. Combined with our Veritech cartridge filters these become easier to maintain and will cost less to operate. Systems overall will cost less as the frequency of duct cleaning is reduced by stopping that 95% of grease getting in there. Fire risk has gone down significantly as a result and in fact the Veritech filters meet stringent UL1046 requirements and have been tested as an effective fire barrier.

But enough words we would like to show you a short video that demonstrates just how effective these filters are. Taken after the end of service in a kitchen it shows you firstly the grease captured at the front of the filter and in the unique cup. Amazingly it finishes showing the rear side of the filter where it is perfectly clean. That is 95% efficiency right there on film. Lets have a look at it now and if you want to know more get it touch.

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Wednesday, December 16, 2020


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