Fatbergs - Not Just A Wet Wipe Problem

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

What is a Fatberg?

Fatbergs are giant smelly masses of discarded oils, fats and waste products. Although considered more of a modern phenomenon, the fatbergs underneath our city streets have been around for decades. Due to increased population growth and more eateries popping up on every corner, fatbergs are becoming larger and more common.

The most famous fatberg to date was removed in London, and was as heavy as seventeen double decker buses. The horrible giant mass is now partly on display in a museum.

Wet Wipes and Fatbergs

Most of the news reports highlight wet wipes as the main contributor to fatbergs. While wet wipes are definitely not good for the environment, it takes masses of fats, grease and oils to congeal everything together and form a fatberg blockage.

In Australia, we are incorrectly flushing tonnes of wet wipes down our toilets each year. This is causing great stress on our water and sewage systems. Wet wipes were originally designed for babies but have recently grown in popularity as an alternative for toilet paper.

Despite being advertised as environmentally friendly, wet wipes do not break down easily. They clog pipes and pumps, leading to lengthy and costly maintenance work. In the UK, water authorities are spending over 100 million pounds per annum on tackling these blockages.

Fatbergs are often found in heavily populated areas where many restaurants and multi-use developments, such as high rise apartment blocks, are located. Due to these increased blockages, it is now law for all restaurants producing hot foods to install a form of grease trap, to help prevent fatbergs.

The Eco Guardians Fatberg Solution

Eco Guardians are introducing a Fats, Oils & Grease (FOG) Management program to help smaller business who do not have the means to install a grease trap. Instead, Eco Guardians will provide them with a Grease Guardian, which is a small and compact grease removal unit.

The FOG Management program will include educating staff on best kitchen grease management practices. All Grease Guardian units will be serviced and maintained to align with local water authority requirements, as part of the program. We will tailor a Grease Guardian service package to suit your business, including one-off calls to pre-planned services.

To learn more about the Grease Guardian and Eco Guardians FOG Management Program please contact us here.

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Tuesday, December 11, 2018


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