Grease Guardian Creating Waves at Sydney Harbour

Friday, April 27, 2018

Captain Cook Cruises are Sydney Harbour’s premier cruise line that treats passengers to a luxury fine dining experience, while they take in the breathtaking harbour views. With a high turnover of guests and deadlines to meet they pride themselves on efficiency, therefore it is no surprise that they have opted to have Eco Guardians install their premium model Grease Guardians on three of their main vessels.

One common issue faced with commercial kitchens on large sea boats is the availability of space. Captain Cook Cruises was no different, and with their largest Sydney 2000 boat serving upwards of 900 covers per day they are generating a lot of FOG (fats, oils and greases). However, by removing their large passive grease traps and installing the new Grease Guardian GGX Series, they were not only able to efficiently remove the FOG at source, but also free up valuable space for extra storage.

The Grease Guardian is not the standard passive grease trap that is commonly installed underground. Passive grease traps rely on settlement to separate the grease. Because this is a slow process they end up with multiple layers of grease and solids which rot and create gases that must be vented into the atmosphere creating bad odours. On an idyllic cruise liner like the Captain Cook MV Sydney 2000, this certainly not be what guests would expect.

The Grease Guardian is rather an active grease separation unit that skims the grease layer from the surface of the water. It employs a heater to ensure that any fats that are not liquid at room temperature are made liquid again during the skimming cycle. The fats oil and grease are skimmed into a container which is enclosed in a stainless steel housing. This is disposed of daily so that there is no opportunity for it to become an issue. Skimming cycles are all fully programmable to ensure that the correct number of cycles are completed for your business type.

The Grease Guardian additionally has a removable solids strainer that intercepts the majority of solids that might be in the waste stream from the pot sinks etc. This is also emptied daily, and the Grease Guardian has an alarm that reminds the operator to do so. The Grease Guardian does not need to be vented and it is designed such that it acts like a P-Trap to prevent any backflow of gases from the trade waste line downstream.

Captain Cook Maintenance manager David has praised the installation of the Grease Guardians also noting that they will prevent any blockages in the wastewater pipes which is always a very time consuming and costly practice to repair.

It is an Australian requirement to have a grease trap installed at any commercial kitchen. This is to prevent the solids, fats, grease and oils associated with commercial cooking from causing blockages and overflows in the sewers and water treatment plants. This in turn helps protect our beautiful rivers and beaches from becoming polluted.

Eco Guardians specialise in providing trade waste solutions for all sorts of businesses. Contact us here to find out which Grease Guardian is most efficient for your business.

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Friday, April 27, 2018


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