Health Risks of Fatbergs

Thursday, January 3, 2019

Every kitchen, both domestic and commercial, generates food waste and fats, oils and grease (FOG). To reduce our environmental footprint, it is important that these waste streams are managed correctly.

Out of sight out of mind is an approach many of us have been guilty of in the past. When it comes to food waste and FOG being disposed of down the drain, we cannot continue with this approach. Food waste and FOG in sewage systems and waterways is a major problem. It causes blockages and adds to the formation of destructive fatbergs. This can also result in bad odors and vermin, which is the last thing any food establishment wants to deal with.

These fatbergs are a breeding ground for deadly bacteria such as E coli and pose a huge environmental risk. If they are not removed, blockages will find their way back into homes and businesses.

The Eco Guardians Solution

One solution to combat the problem is adding Drain Protectors and a Grease Guardian to the sinks in commercial kitchens. This will prevent both food waste and FOG entering our sewage and waterway systems and creating fatbergs.

Drain Protectors

The Drain Protectors are designed to be easily retrofitted to pot wash sinks and are available in 90mm or 125mm sizes. They are suitable for food preparation and wash down sinks, that flow into the Grease Guardian or grease trap. The Drain Protectors are available with three levels of strainer, to prevent food waste from entering the waste water pipes. A removable top-level strainer, a removable large basket and a bottom strainer are all perforated to allow a steady flow of water, while trapping the waste. The sink models have an optional twist handle butterfly valve, for those establishments that do not want rubber stoppers.

The floor models are also available to prevent solids from causing blockages underneath the floor. These blockages can be even more challenging and expensive fix. The models are available to be welded into a trough, or with a simple open shut lid. They both have large 660cc removable baskets.

Grease Guardian

Our range of Grease Guardians filter out the FOG from waste water in commercial kitchens, and are designed to fit underneath the sink. This FOG waste can then be recycled or properly disposed of. They can be used as an alternative or in conjunction with a traditional grease trap.

If you are interested in implementing a Drain Protector or Grease Guardian within your commercial kitchen, visit our website to contact us, or to view more information on both products.

Eco Guardians Australia offers a complete suite of solutions for your commercial kitchen waste management. Our range is available Australia wide and includes

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Thursday, January 3, 2019


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