Kitchen Waste Management Program: Part Two – Drain Protectors

Friday, August 10, 2018

A well-functioning Kitchen Waste Management program allows all staff to be aware of their Occupational Health and Safety duties. Just as importantly, it is also there to educate them of the environmental issues created from wastage.

Part One of our Kitchen Waste Management Program series focused on the greasy microns created from cooking. In part two, our focus will be on how kitchens deal with the leftover food scraps and preventing the environmental issues that they can create.

Eco Guardians have been working to change the behaviours of businesses and staff when it comes to managing waste streams. It is all too often discarded food scraps find their way into pot sinks or dishwashers, and inevitably end up in the sewer system. At some point we have all probably been guilty of letting food scraps go down the drain when washing up after a meal. What people might not consider is the consequences of doing so.

The problems with discarding food scraps down the drain

Food waste should never go down the drain. Even small particles can mix with grease and potentially create blockages. These blockages can occur in the waste pipes, grease traps, sewer lines or even water treatment facilities. The obvious issue with this is the financial costs incurred by businesses to clear the blockages, but this usually happens after there has been a wastewater leak. If there is a blockage, the wastewater will leak and has the potential to damage expensive equipment.

Preventing blockages

The best Kitchen Management Programs will educate kitchen staff to always scrape their food waste into the organic waste bin for repurposing. In busy kitchens there will inevitably be some waste that makes its way into the sinks. For this Eco Guardians recommend installing Drain Protectors into each commercial pot wash sink.

The Drain Protectors have three levels of strainer – a top lid strainer, a large removable basket strainer and a fixed bottom strainer - to capture food waste from entering the wastewater pipes. Staff can easily remove the top level strainer and large basket when they begin to fill up with scraps. These can then be emptied into the organic waste bin for repurposing instead of creating damaging blockages.

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Eco Guardians supplies a complete range of kitchen waste waste management equipment in Australia. Our range includes

Under bench and under sink grease traps

Food recycling equipment

Organic recycling systems

Kitchen trade waste system

Air filters for commercial kitchens

Kitchen drain protector screens

Compost machinery

Our equipment is in use at facilities and remote sites across Australia, including Adelaide, Brisbane, Sydney, Hobart, Launceston, Melbourne, Perth and more. Wherever you are in Australia, Eco Guardians can help.

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Friday, August 10, 2018


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