Kitchen Waste Management Program: Part One - Veritech Filter

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Busy commercial kitchens deal with numerous waste streams that can cost thousands of dollars to manage. Eco Guardians want to educate and help commercial kitchens manage and maintain these streams in an efficient manner. A well-functioning management plan is also important for Occupational Health and Safety.

Eco Guardians are helping change the behaviours of businesses and people when it comes to managing waste. Grease is one waste stream that has received a lot of attention recently, thanks to fatberg blockages in sewers around the world. Fatbergs are a masses of fats, oils and grease combined with sanitary items and wet wipes. Educating people on the effects of pouring grease down the drain is important, however managing the grease particles in the air is also essential.

The dangers of grease particles

Above thousands of grills across Australia are canopies extracting greasy microns in the air. These canopies have a series of filters used to prevent quick buildup of grease in the ductwork. If a build up of grease occurs, it presents a fire hazard and the ductwork could potentially ignite.

According to the Australian Institute of RACH, the ignition of cooking materials accounts for almost half of all commercial kitchen fires in Australia, the UK, and the US. Around 90% of the time the fire spreads through the exhaust systems. In 2014, the iconic St Kilda restaurant, The Stokehouse, burnt down due to a canopy fire.

Preventing commercial kitchen fires

The first step in best kitchen management is to prevent as much grease as possible from even entering the canopies. To do this, kitchens can now install Veritech Filters into new or existing canopies. These filters are tested to be 95% efficient at trapping and removing grease before entering the canopy.

The grease is spiralled out of the filter and into a cup holder that kitchen management can then recycle. The Veritech Filter cleans itself, so there’s no need for expensive duct cleaning. If there is some grease in the duct, the unique design of the filter prevents flames passing through and igniting any grease build up.

These preventative barriers enable kitchens to not only reduce their duct cleaning costs, but also greatly reduce any potential fire risk. The safety of staff, customers and the premises is more valuable than any bottom line savings.

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Eco Guardians provides a full suite of sustainability based solutions for kitchen waste management. In addition to our filters, we also supply the following:

Mechanical grease trap alternatives

Organic recycling machine

Our equipment is available Australia wide, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and at remote sites such as offshore islands and mining camps

Rocket composters

Kitchen exhaust air filters

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Available Australia wide including Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Launceston, Melbourne. Perth, Sydney and all regional, remote and offshore island locations.

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Tuesday, July 31, 2018


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