Our First Rocket Coming Soon

Thursday, July 30, 2020

Thanks for the shout out here in Eco Voice Tidy Planet, we are very pleased to be rolling this system out soon with our friends at the Buckley Park Community Farm.

Complementing our other systems these in vessel composters allow on-site recycling of food and green waste with a minimum of fuss. With waste disposal costs rising, many organisations are finding recycling can help to keep these costs in check. One way to take a significant amount of weight out of your waste is to recycle food and other organic waste on‐site.

Fully enclosed, the Rocket® Composter is vermin, insect and bird proof and provides a hygienic and sustainable system allowing for the treatment of catering waste including cooked and uncooked meat and fish. The clean and simple, automated process is an ideal solution to the problem of sustainable food waste disposal and can reduce landscape maintenance costs by providing a high quality usable end product – compost!

Designed to be operator friendly the Rocket® is very easy to use and requires minimal maintenance. Usual hygiene practices, such as brushing the floor around the Rocket® and wiping the machine clean should there be any spills, take very little time allowing the Rocket® to become a part of your usual catering, waste and landscaping processes quickly and easily.

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Thursday, July 30, 2020


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