Population growth and the modern diet equals extra FOG

Saturday, July 7, 2018

Melbourne’s population is currently growing at an exponential rate, with it expected to reach the 6 million mark by 2025. With an increase in population comes the increase in consumer spending on restaurants, fast food outlets, and hotels. This rise in trade will result in more businesses opening, and an increase in fat, oils and grease (FOG) waste.

The increased waste produced in the kitchens of restaurants, fast food outlets and hotels will enter the same sewage systems that are currently struggling with the present levels of FOG . In Queensland there was almost one blockage removed every day of the year in 2017.

Another factor for the increased FOG waste is the change in modern diet. People in 2018 are eating very differently now, compared to when the sewers were first being constructed. Fats, oils and grease are now regularly used in household cooking. The average household pours SEVEN olympic swimming pools worth of FOG down the drain each year! When you combine this with the commercial sector and the expected increase in population, we are facing an environmental disaster whereby the sewage systems cannot cope with the demand.\

The overflows and blockages resulting from this amount of FOG will also create more Fatberg formations. Fatbergs prevent our waste water from reaching the treatment plants, meaning the wastewater inevitably ends up flooding our streets and polluting our waterways. They also damage our sewage networks resulting in millions of dollars’ worth of repairs. In 2017 Queensland spent $1.5 million removing blockages and fatbergs caused by FOG and other waste. \

To combat this increased FOG waste and reduce the number of blockages in our sewers, businesses can install a Grease Guardian and implement the Eco Guardians FOG Waste Management Program.

FOG programs are in operation in most major cities across the world. These programs are designed to prevent as much FOG as possible from entering the system while educating people of the dangers along the way.

It is now widely accepted that not all businesses can install a typical grease trap, as they are too big and difficult to maintain. The best alternative to a grease trap is for businesses to filter out FOG from their wastewater using a Grease Guardian.

The Eco Guardians range of Grease Guardians are designed to trap FOG at the source, and manage waste effectively so it can be easily recycled. The Grease Guardians are designed to fit into a myriad of applications from small take away shops to centralised systems in hotels. Grease Guardians are the professional alternative to the old grease trap. When they are combined with a FOG Management Program your business can comply with water authority regulations.

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Eco Guardians can also provide a range of sustainable solutions for commercial kitchen food waste recycling, using our food recycling process to create a high grade fertiliser - similar to an organic waste to compost machine

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Saturday, July 7, 2018