Putting a stop to food waste going down the drain

Monday, July 23, 2018

It would seem obvious that food should never be put down the drain, as it creates a myriad of problems for our environment, businesses and local residencies.

In years gone by a macerator was a common fixture in commercial kitchen sinks, but over time we have recognised that simply macerating or especially liquifying solid food waste is just passing the problem on from one area to another. It is not recycling, or repurposing. it is not saving any time, or money. Instead, it is creating problems further down the line.

Some of the worst contributing foods are starchy foods like pasta, rice and potato peels. The starch in these foods will turn to a goo like substance, and when this is pushed inside the drain it forms blockages, impairs grease traps and helps create those dreaded fatbergs which are becoming more and more common in metropolitan areas. Other key offenders are fruit and vegetable pulp, seeds, grains, coffee grounds and eggshells.

Eco Guardians have designed and manufactured the Drain Protectors Sink and Floor range, which captures solids and fibrous material from the wastewater that has drained from the sink or floor. Screened wastewater may then pass through further pretreatment equipment such as a Grease Guardian prior to final discharge to the sewer.

For pot wash sinks, Drain Protectors have two different model designs. Both are suited for either 90mm or 125mm diameter sink wastes. The standard S model Drain Protector comes with a removable rubber plug stopper, and the SL model which is a twist lever butterfly shut off valve. With three levels of perforated strainers , including removable baskets, all preventing food waste from getting down the drain, the Drain Protectors are the last line of defence in preventing food waste getting into the sewer line and causing environmental and costly damages.

For commercial floors in areas like bin wash stations, it is also very important to prevent solids going down the sewer and into the grease trap. Not only does the Drain Protector capture food waste, but it also grabs everything else from bottle caps to wine corks, which all have the ability to create havoc below our streets. The unique Trough Drain Protector is a favourite for large commercial kitchen designers and engineers, while the standard hinged lid version is easily retrofitted into existing businesses.

Melbourne has over 400 kilometres of sewer to protect that sees over 320,000 million litres of sewage which is mainly gravity feed to treatment plants. It is the responsibility of Governments and Business to do what they can to protect this network so it is now a requirement in QLD and NSW to have a Drain Protector installed in every sink and floor waste.

Ask your Food Service Consultant or Hydraulic Engineer about getting the Drain Protectors fitted into your new business or to learn more please contact us here.

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Monday, July 23, 2018


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