SoilFood™ in Farming: Benefits of SoilFood™ as a fertiliser for crops

Friday, October 12, 2018

At Eco Guardians we are passionate about reducing food waste using solutions that are genuinely beneficial to the environment. Our SoilFood System does this by turning organic waste into a nutrient rich organic fertiliser.

The SoilFood System

The Soilfood™ System recycles food into two end products - condensed water that is acceptable for drainage to the sewer without treatment, and a dehydrated biomass that is scientifically qualified as organic fertiliser. The SoilFood™ fertilizer requires no post-process treatment or curing and can be applied to land directly or used as an enhancer of mulches and compost.

SoilFood fertiliser testing

To ensure the SoilFood™ fertiliser is genuinely beneficial to crops, Eco Guardians have been working closely with a Melbourne farmer who grows and supplies vegetables to the metropolitan fresh food markets. Based on the city outskirts, the farm uses SoilFood™ on a variety of vegetables such as broccoli, carrots, garlic and Asian greens.

Extensive pot testing’s of crops grown with SoilFood have been carried out, with fantastic results of plant yield increasing in all aspects. Following the recommended SoilFood™ application rate, these were some of the results:

●      Tomato plants were over 14% taller.

●      The tomato plant biomass increased over 25%.

●      The tomato fruit biomass increased almost 28%.

●      Silver beet achieved a 51% higher plant biomass.

To ensure all SoilFood™ fertiliser produced has similar results, we lab tested SoilFood™ fertiliser from various premises. We tested not only the composition of the material, but also its pathogen status. Results show that all SoilFood™ contains beneficial nutrients for soil and plants. It is also safe in terms of biosecurity for soils and for humans to handle.

SESL senior soil scientist Declan McDonald states that “this material has strong fertiliser value, given its high nutrient levels. That nutrient status positions it in a similar category to dynamic lifter and it should be used in the same fashion.”

SoilFood and Anaerobic Digestion

Despite these substantial results, Eco Guardians recognise the use of Soilfood™ in the Anaerobic Digestion process is also an option, but we don’t recommend it as a first choice. SoilFood™ is scientifically proven to have major benefits when applied to soil and plants, and we feel that returning resources back to the earth - recycling organic waste - in a true circular economy process is far more sustainable.

We also know Australian soils have been damaged and depleted in the past, using super-phosphates and iron oxides accumulating through millions of years of weathering. Returning SoilFood to the land is then the ideal option to remediate past damage and increase the yield of crops.

Every Australian wants the freshest produce available. We believe using our SoilFood™ fertiliser we can produce healthy fruit and vegetables in a natural way, while re-purposing organic waste and reducing the problems that occur from organic waste in landfill.

Stay tuned for more results with our SoilFood™ in Farming blog series!

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Friday, October 12, 2018