Using SoilFood™ on your Garden

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

With less than 15% of Australia’s land arable, and with the population estimated to increase to as much as 40 million by 2050, it is imperative we repair as much land as possible to sustain increased demand on food production. The Eco Guardians SoilFood™ System doesn’t only help businesses divert their food waste from landfill.

The SoilFood™ System turns the recycled food waste into a slow release organic fertiliser, which can be used on both commercial and residential gardens.  SoilFood™  is a slow-release, high-nitrogen organic fertiliser that is safe to use on all plants and soils. This dynamic end product is now available for purchase from South Melbourne and Prahran Markets, and is delivering great results throughout continuous scientific trials. SESL senior soil scientist Declan McDonald has tested the SoilFood™ and stated “This material has strong fertiliser value, given its high nutrient levels.”

A trial was recently conducted using SoilFood™ to grow pumpkins for FareShare Food Charity, and the results were amazing. Studies show that even a small amount of SoilFood™can enhance plant growth and crop yield, with some crops increasing by over 50%. SoilFood™ - made from food recycling - is also the perfect antidote to chemical fertilisers, with it’snutrients readily available to plants and long term benefits provided to the soil.

So how would the average gardener use it on their garden or allotment?

It is advised that when applying SoilFood™ the application rates of between 100g and 150g per sq meter during a growing season are typical.

Unlike composts where the nitrogen levels are usually in the order of 1%, the organic SoilFood™ has a strong fertiliser value given its elevated nutrient status. The nitrogen levels would be around 3.5%, even more with certain feedstocks to the process. This means that less material is required to provide a similar fertiliser benefit and keen gardeners can reap the rewards.  The EPA NSW has the toughest rules in Australia concerning land application of products derived from food and Eco Guardians are pleased to have conformed to those and received an exemption.

If you would like a small sample of SoilFood to try on your gardens please contact us here.

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Tuesday, April 3, 2018