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Tuesday, April 9, 2019

winning The war on waste concerns all australia. sustainability, and reducing food waste is becoming a high priority for organisations around the world.

Eco Guardians have developed a completely holistic ‘waste reduction’ business solution called SoilFood™, which provides organisations with an opportunity to significantly reduce their operational costs and turn their food waste into a valuable resource

all while focusing on their social responsibility to the community!

This system allows you to quickly transform your food waste through dehydration into an organic biodynamic fertiliser

this can then be used to grow plants and food - on both residential and commercial gardens.

SoilFood™ systems are designed to manage food organic waste volumes from any kind of business or institution. As well as markets and stadiums such as the MCG there have been great success stories in Hospitals, Prisons, Remote Mine Camps and Education Facilities all across Australia.

Australia’s premier stadium, the MCG, is the first such sporting venue to invest in a SoilFood™ system. This fertiliser, deployed throughout Yarra Park, replenishes the depleted soils thus providing a better meeting environment for the community, especially before big games. In the recent news report, MCC Facilities Manager Peter Wearne describes how the stadium will get a return on their investment while also doing what is right for the environment.

Further up Punt Road at Prahran Market, they are also thinking efficiently and take advantage of the SoilFood™ system to reduce costs. Along with South Melbourne Market, they had an ongoing issue with food waste, especially Fish Offal which unlike the offal from beef and chicken is not attractive to rendering plants. By installing SoilFood™ systems at all three of these venues, Eco Guardians are now helping to divert up to 8 tonnes of organic waste per week from landfill by recycling it. This not only saves these organisations thousands of dollars in collection and disposal fees, but also strengthens their relationship with their customers by providing the SoilFood™ fertiliser at an affordable cost for visitors to buy and use on their home gardens. SoilFood™ contains high levels of nitrogen making it the perfect substitute for chemical fertilisers, and customers are thrilled with a recycled alternative to throw on their veggie gardens.

To learn more about how your business can get a return on investment by repurposing your food waste while benefiting your local community and the environment at large please contact us here.

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Tuesday, April 9, 2019