Why you should consider a Grease Guardian in your commercial kitchen

Monday, March 11, 2019

Business owners in the hospitality industry will understand how demanding and difficult it is to design and maintain a busy commercial kitchen. It’s not surprising that during the design stage, the focus is usually on how best to present and market the business to attract clientele. Fitting out the kitchen then becomes a running battle to minimise costs, and still keep hold of that original design without spoiling anyone’s dreams.

Commercial kitchens generate masses of different waste streams during the cooking process, with grease being a major one. Quite often commercial kitchen owners leave out important equipment to tackle grease from the budget. Neglecting to tackle grease as a waste stream in order to cut costs will likely result in major disruptions and added costs further down the line.

Our solution

A Grease Guardian can be neatly plumbed in underneath the kitchen sink to filter out all fats, oils and greases. This modern technology is a cost effective solution, but is also easy for businesses to manage in the long run.

Eco Guardians have been touring Australian Water Authorities to showcase the new GGX Grease Guardian. This Grease Removal Unit (GRU) is the latest design from manufacturers FM Environmental. This model has quickly become the most advanced and approved GRU in the world.

Grease Guardian vs Grease Trap

The Australian population is growing exponentially. The Australian Bureau of Statistics has predicted that todays figure of around 23 million residents will increase 60%, to nearly 40 million by 2050. This means more mouths to feed, more kitchens to cook, and more grease generated in the waste streams.

The traditional underground/above ground grease trap will no longer be a practical solution for grease. Pumping the traps put every 6-8 weeks is no longer cost effective, and finding the space to install them is getting harder. Both of these grease trap options also require pumping out, which attracts vermin and creates foul odours. Financially, they are thousands of dollars to install, and then require quarterly maintenance costs.

Who is suitable for a Grease Guardian

Just about every commercial kitchen could install a Grease Guardian. Hotels, restaurants, small take-away stores, school cafeterias, shopping centres, stadiums, the list is endless.

At Eco Guardians we never encourage businesses to try and pump greasy waste, as this is asking for greasy trouble. However, despite rigorous testing and worldwide approvals, Australian laws still favour the old traditional grease trap method when possible. This means our Grease Guardian is the best alternative for businesses who cannot feasibly install a grease trap.

Space to excavate or house a large 1,000 litre grease trap is rarely available these days, especially in historically popular areas like Brunswick, Bondi, Northbridge, Fortitude Valley and Hindley Street. If space is available, landlords will often not permit excavation work to install a grease trap on their site. Your business may also have tenants living next door or above the grease trap. They may use their right to forbid the installation due the ventilation from the grease polluting foul odour into their vicinity.

If your business cannot install a grease trap, then contact us here to find out how a Grease Guardian can provide a sustainable solution for your business.  

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Monday, March 11, 2019


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