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About Veritech

Tests have shown that traditional baffle filters installed in extraction hoods are only 40% effective in filtering small grease particles from air. The same tests score Veritech at 93% effective.

Veritech’s FC range and Micron F1 filters employ a patented “triple curl” technology that slows the airflow and directs it in a spiral path, allowing the grease and oil to condense quickly and be centrifuged out of the air. The convoluted pathway also acts as a barrier to flames in the event of a flare up on the cooking line.

Veritech filters can be retrofitted to existing canopies as well as being built in to new installations. One of Australia’s leading commercial canopy manufacturers Ecocanopy has adopted Veritech filters across the range.

Movies of this product and others in our range can be viewed on our YouTube channel by selecting the link at the top or foot of this page, while a leaflet is available for you on the “Downloads” page.

Benefits of Veritech

Greatly reduced frequency of duct cleaning, minimised risk of fires and, potentially, a reduction in fire insurance premiums.

The separated oils and grease collect in a gully or channel that is integrated with the filter’s body. At the end of a shift or as appropriate to the type of cooking, the entire filter is removed easily from the hood so that the captured oils and grease can be tipped into a recycling container.

The filter is then cleaned in a standard dishwasher ready to be re-fitted for the next shift.


Veritech filters have passed UL1406, the benchmark testing regime worldwide, confirming that they act as a highly efficient barrier to flames. It means that a flare-up on a cooking range is confined within the hood, greatly reducing the risk of flames reaching the ductwork and creating what can be uncontrollable fires.

Our Vision
To be the leading provider of sustainable and economically viable solutions for businesses dealing with their environmental obligations.