Eco Guardians & Unox to Provide Market Solution

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Unox Australia is a market leader in the Combi Oven field, specialising with its Bakertop model, so it was only natural that they would work together with Eco Guardians using our newest model the X7 Grease Guardian.  This solves a long running industry problem in that bulk cooking with a combi, especially for chickens, creates high volumes of fats, oils and grease. This is known in the trade waste industry as FOG’s and can be an expensive issue.

The Unox Bakertop Oven specialises in combining the dry heat required to crisp chickens while also incorporating enough steam to keep them moist while carefully circulating the air to ensure baking uniformity - all in around half the time of the standard rotisserie ovens. With the potential to cook up to 60 birds in one oven it does however generate plenty of grease while making the perfect roast chook and this is where the X7 Grease Guardian Combi Oven becomes the ideal partner.

The high volumes of grease can create blockages in waste water pipes as it cools or quickly overflows undersized grease traps both of which create environmental problems which can be disruptive and expensive for businesses, especially independent supermarkets without existing grease traps in place. These blockages and overflows were causing such a problem that it is now a requirement in NSW and ACT to install an Automatic Grease Removal Unit like the X7 Grease Guardian downstream from a combi oven. Introduced in March 2004, this requirement also protects water authority assets from erosion associated with the high alkaline content of chicken fat. By installing the X7 Grease Guardian underneath or beside your Unox Bakertop Oven, the grease is stopped at source - preventing it from entering the waste water pipes and instead becoming easily recyclable.

The X7 Grease Guardian Combi Model is a fully-automated grease removal unit that can perform up to four, easily programmable cycles per day to keep up with even the busiest Unox Bakertop Oven. The X7 Grease Guardian now comes with a dry solids-strainer basket making maintenance even easier for kitchen/deli staff. The X7 Grease Guardian is fitted with a programmed internal washdown system to ensure that all the fats, oils and greases are collected and skimmed off into an external container for recycling.

At only 372mm high and 615mm wide, the X7 Grease Guardian is the perfect fit underneath the Unox Bakertop Oven. With universal inlet/outlet configuration, the installation is very simple and completed in tandem with the Unox Oven. Once installed and operating, the Unox / Grease Guardian partnership is a professional, sleek looking setup that shows customers you mean business.

All that is left to do is decide is what to cook. The Bakertop will specialise in anything from bakery or patisserie items to pizza and chooks. In fact, the Bakertop can cook different foods at the same time with its Multi Time program and it will advise you when they are ready. It is professional baking, with unmistakable results.

To learn more about the new X7 Grease Guardian and how it partners the Unox Australia brand please contact us here. Our friends at Unox can be contacted here.

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Thursday, July 5, 2018