#Enviro18 Event Recap

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

The WMAA Enviro’ 18 Conference was held over 2 huge days at the MCG last week. Eco Guardians’ David Berry guest spoke about our SoilFood system, alongside other high profile speakers sharing their knowledge and insights.

The Enviro’18 Conference brought leaders from business, Government and Academia together to discuss circular economy. The conference featured national and international experts who envisage the future of circular consumption and can demonstrate the benefits, both commercial and environmental.

The Australian economy mindset is to “make-take-waste”. This results in depletion of our agricultural land with an increased need for food supply, 4 million tonnes of food waste per year, and only 15% of arable land. As a nation we cannot move forward with the current linear approach to waste. It is not sustainable and no longer efficient, particularly after China stopping their plastic waste import. The way forward is to adopt a circular economy; durable goods that can be maintained and repaired rather than replaced is necessary, and the management of biological materials so they can be returned to nature is also vital.

Diagram: IAT Ecowaste

Eco Guardians and the Circular Economy

At Enviro’ 18, David spoke about the Eco Guardians’ view of food waste as an important contributor to the circular economy. Food waste is one of the most problematic waste streams, with most of it ending up in landfill, and Eco Guardians offer a sustainable solution for organic waste disposal with the SoilFood System.

Eco Guardians allow businesses to implement a circular economy approach, by offering a system that allows them to re-use organic plant material by turning it into soil and plant nutrition. The Gaia Recycle dehydrates the food waste which converts it into nutrient-rich organic fertiliser, also known as SoilFood. The process of dehydrating organic waste to produce an organic fertiliser fits into the circular model of returning biological materials back to nature.

The SoilFood system featuring the Gaia machine has a compact footprint, is easy to use and comes in a range of sizes, making it an at-source solution. The process of producing SoilFood only takes 10 hours, and requires no sawdust, no water, and no enzymes. SoilFood is high in nutrients making it a high quality organic fertiliser with a slow release and is safe to use on all plants.

The process doesn’t just benefit the environment, but also benefits businesses in many ways. They can save money on the cost of landfill disposal, with this cost expected to increase due to the recent constraint of landfill capacity.

If you’d like to find out about how your company can re-purpose food waste and contribute to a circular economy, contact us here!

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Tuesday, June 19, 2018