Grease  Guardians Solve Problem at Supermarkets

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

It is a well-known fact that Australians love grabbing a roast chicken from their local supermarket. And this is where the Grease Guardians have been helping facilities managers and engineers ensure that their stores are operating efficiently 7 days a week.

Back in the 1970’s, the average Australian consumed 4.5 kg of roast chicken each year and today that has risen tenfold to 45 kg each per annum. You used to have to wait for that special family Sunday lunch, in order to get your fix. Today, Supermarkets and improved technology ensure there are ‘ready to eat’ roast chickens available in every major supermarket chain, all day everyday throughout Australia.

This high volume of cooked chooks creates a big problem for supermarket maintenance engineers and oven manufacturers – with too much FOG (fats, oils and grease). Cooking bulk chickens in rotisserie or combi ovens generates high volumes of the FOG  that either forms blockages or quickly overflows undersized grease traps. By installing the Grease Guardian in underneath or beside the Oven, the FOG is stopped at source - preventing it from entering the waste water pipes.

It is now a requirement in NSW and ACT to install an Automatic Grease Removal Unit like the Grease Guardian downstream from a combi oven. Introduced in March 2004, this requirement protects water authority assets from erosion associated with the high alkaline content of chicken fat. The two major supermarket chains decided to roll this out on a national basis, and in turn prevented the drain blockages associated with cooking chickens. Chicken fat not only has a high pH, but it also cools down rapidly causing the blockages at pipe bends. By capturing the fat in a Grease Guardian before it enters the drain system it eliminates this costly and disruptive problem.  

John O’Loughlin, PCPL Director and specialist in waste water treatment has confirmed saying “the Grease Guardians prevents up to 98% of free fats, oils and greases’ from escaping into the pipework. We carried out tests with Sydney Water to showcase how efficient this was and when installed upstream of a supermarkets grease trap they were so impressed that they permitted each supermarket to reduce their current grease trap pump out frequencies in half”.

If your business is using combi ovens to bulk cook chicken or other meats contact us here to learn how the Grease Guardian can be a sustainable, cost-effective alternative to your grease trap.

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Tuesday, May 29, 2018


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