Local residents test our SoilFood Fertiliser on their home gardens

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Sandy soil is a common problem for residents in coastal suburbs. This type of soil doesn’t retain enough moisture, and lacks the nutrient content for plant growth. To solve this problem, Eco Guardians have been working closely with the locals in our area to test SoilFood fertiliser made from recycled food waste on their home gardens.

The Problem

Currently, local residents report flower bulbs not producing flowers, flower buds not opening, and tomato plant leaves drooping from not enough moisture retention in the soil. It is also common for plants to break or become uprooted in the wind, due to not being able to bed their roots into the sandy soil. They also notice the plants are a lot more susceptible to disease and pests, including aphids.

The Solution

One local resident Tess, was looking for a solution for her withering garden. She tested our SoilFood fertiliser on some of her flowering bulbs, including tulips. Tess applied the SoilFood at a rate of one handful per square meter, and ensured the soil was turned through and watered well. She continued the same application rate of SoilFood fertiliser every two weeks.

The Results

“I have noticed a remarkable change in my garden. Water would run off my garden beds, and everything from my vegetables to my flowers were suffering,” said Tess.

“After applying SoilFood fertiliser every two weeks throughout winter, my soil condition has improved remarkably. Water no longer runs of the beds and I could see water soaking in after the first application of SoilFood.”

“I am so pleased that my Ranunculus and Tulip bulbs opened this year. They were noticeably stronger with healthier foliage. The flowers were so healthy and vibrant in colour, and I noticed there were no aphids attacking my plants.”

Another local resident Jackson, also tested our SoilFood fertiliser on his home garden. He observed similar results to Tess.

“I was never able to grow plants along the fence line as the soil was too sandy and everything would die,” said Jackson.

“This year my sunflowers seeds have emerged, and my sunflowers are growing strong and healthy. I have noticed there are no pests hanging around at all.”

“My tomato plants are also much healthier. They are not drooping in the afternoon as they did previously, and are already producing larger, tastier fruit.”

“I am pleased that Eco Guardians have technology available to repurpose food waste into organic fertiliser, using their SoilFood System. I can see after applying SoilFood regularly that it greatly improves soil quality, with noticeable results in the health and vitality of my plants”, Jackson commented.

If you’re interested in using our SoilFood fertiliser made from recycled organic waste on your home gardens, you can purchase it from South Melbourne or Prahran Markets! You can also check out our SoilFood System on our website.

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Wednesday, December 5, 2018