Grease Guardians: Solving the problem of Grease in Commercial Kitchens

Thursday, October 31, 2019

The problem with fast food is it often comes with a side of grease, an unfortunate by-product that is unavoidable if you want to serve up the good stuff. It can overwhelm septic tanks and treatment facilities, smell terrible, block up pipes, and can wreak havoc on natural ecosystems. 

This is especially problematic for businesses that handle large quantities of food, where the problem is magnified by the sheer number of people they’re feeding. Luckily, there are a couple of solutions available to businesses looking to feed hungry customers.

Choices, choices: Grease Guardians vs Grease trap

Grease Traps

Grease traps have been around since being invented in the late 1800s by one Nathaniel Whiting. They basically collect all the fats, oils, and grease (FOG) from the kitchen or food area, and let it solidify and accumulate while waste water is allowed to flow through.

The traditional types of grease traps most commonly used today ideally need monthly inspections at minimum as well as professional cleaning. This involves having a service provider come with a purpose-built truck to pump through the foul contents that have collected every 3 months at minimum. Over time, this is an expensive commitment, not to mention the initial installation costs which can reach thousands of dollars. 

Grease Guardian

The Grease Guardian is a cost-effective and hygienic indoor grease trap system for separating fats, oil, grease and food particulates from waste water channels.

When it operates, the waste water enters the Grease Guardian, flowing through a strainer into a chamber which allows the less dense FOG substances to come to the surface. The water, now free of those pollutants, is dispensed. 

Throughout the process, a built-in heater specified to the needs of the installation site ensures that the oils and grease don’t solidify. A skimming wheel efficiently collects the pollutants and deposits them into an external container for easy removal.

In comparison to a standard grease trap, Grease Guardians can be easily installed and cleaned by the business operator themselves meaning you’re not running the same risk of attracting vermin or polluting your venue with the awful smell that an overflowing grease trap produces.  It is recommended that the Grease Guardians get serviced by a qualified technician every six months to ensure best kitchen waste management is being conducted correctly.

Clean AND Green

In addition to being used widely with success by business operators around the world to keep their workplaces clean and committed to trade waste approval, the Grease Guardian system is also great for the environment. It cuts down on the amount of polluting FOG that ends up in our waterways, and reduces the likelihood of contaminating, foul, difficult-to-clean-up Fatbergs being formed - not to mention less trucks coming and going to pump out those grease traps!

Will a Grease Guardian work well for me?

Grease Guardians already used broadly in supermarkets, restaurants, fast food chains, cafes, sporting arenas and airports - anywhere that food is stored, prepared, or served. It’s a cost-effective solution to getting rid of waste that is inevitably produced by these businesses. 

Chef Dan Woltema has been impressed with the outcome after he had one installed in his restaurant. "We installed a D1 Grease Guardian this year that granted us our trade waste certificate without having to dig a large pit for a grease trap. In fact installation only took our plumber a couple of hours. The unit now fits comfortably underneath the kitchen sinks, and the best thing is that it is easily maintained in only a few short minutes each morning." It’s a much better result than the ongoing mess a grease trap would promise.

Choosing the wrong solution to clean up your FOG can result in blocked pipes, a terrible stink, and vermin. Peace-of-mind is key - you don’t want any of these issues to arise when you have customers. 

If you are looking for a grease trap supplier, Eco Guardians distributes these units Australia wide, direct from the manufacturer.

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Thursday, October 31, 2019


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